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IBM Business Analytics Proven Practices: Hide and Show Fields without SQL Projection within IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio
A technique which hides columns based on prompt values. Using this approach, the hidden columns are not projected in the underlying database query.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 02 May 2014
IBM Cognos BI - Hide and Show Fields Based on Prompt Values
This document aims to clarify the properties, functionality, and techniques available to report authors to conditionally hide or display items on a report.
Articles 01 Jan 2009
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Conditional Business Reporting Based on Relative and Absolute Dates within IBM Cognos Report Studio
An approach to presenting a ‘relative date’ to a report consumer within a prompt or set of prompts. Many organizations might need relative date activity such as the activity in the last 7 days, Month to date, Year to Date.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 28 Jan 2011
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: Dynamic Selection of Columns in IBM Report Studio
How to build a Report Studio report that allows the user to select from a prompt which columns to include in the report.
Articles 17 Jun 2011
IBM Cognos Proven Practices: IBM Cognos BI – Dynamically Change Columns in a Report with One Prompt Selection
A brief video illustrating how to dynamically change multiple columns in a report based on one prompt selection.
Articles 17 May 2011
1 - 5 of 5 results
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