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Easy system monitoring with SAR
Learn how to correlate user complaints with the system activity reporter (SAR) and build a performance baseline for trending purposes using SAR logs. SAR is the perfect tool for systems administrators. It captures important system performance metrics at periodic intervals.
Also available in: Russian  
Articles 28 Feb 2006
Advanced performance tuning concepts
The performance of even the best application suffers if the underlying host is not configured properly. This article looks at the four key areas of performance tuning and identifies what to watch for in each of them. In addition, Java-based applications bring other performance tuning requirements with them, especially the garbage collection cycle. This article also looks at what you need to know about garbage collection.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 28 Apr 2009
Performance tuning considerations in your application server environment
Understand how the various components of a Web application interact, and where you might find performance bottlenecks. Both developers and administrators will benefit from knowing this because performance is everyone's responsibility.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 27 Jan 2009
Delve into UNIX process creation
Examine the life cycle of a process so that you can relate what you see happening on your system to what's going on within the kernel. System administrators must know how processes are created and destroyed within the UNIX(R) environment in order to understand how the system fits together and how to manage misbehaving processes. Similarly, developers must understand the UNIX processes model in order to write solid applications that run unattended and won't cause problems for system administrators.
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Articles 03 Jan 2007
Finding open files with lsof
Learn more about your system by seeing which files are open. Knowing which files an application has open, or which application has a particular file open, enables you to make better decisions as a system administrator. For instance, you shouldn't unmount a file system while files on it are open. Using lsof, you can check for open files and stopped processes before unmounting, as needed. Likewise, if you find an unknown file, you can find the application holding it open.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 25 Jul 2006
1 - 5 of 5 results
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