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Network File System Version 4 security: Kerberos and LIPKEY mechanisms
Use the enriched security features of Network File System (NFS) Version 4 to pave your way to public key technology. In this article, you'll examine the NFS Version 4 built-in security schemes, and how to use the existing Kerberos authentication database in a LIPKEY security mechanism. You'll also find out how to take the first steps for a migration or extension from Kerberos to the LIPKEY security mechanism.
Articles 26 Apr 2006
AIX NFS Version 4 configuration over Kerberos inter-realm setup
Learn how to configure an inter-realm setup between IBM(R) Network Authentication Service (IBM NAS) and Microsoft(R) Active Directory for AIX(R) Network File System (NFS) Version 4.
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Articles 08 Jan 2008
Kerberos authentication for AIX Version 5.3 Network File System Version 4
Find out how to use application programming interfaces (APIs) when writing your own custom Kerberos-based authentication applications. Network File System Version 4 (NFS V4), the up and coming enterprise file system, uses the Kerberos security mechanism to address privacy, authentication, and integrity requirements. In this article, you'll examine different Kerberos credential cache name formats that AIX(R) NFS V4 supports and are required for authentication purposes. You'll also look at different methods of obtaining the Kerberos credential.
Articles 05 Dec 2006
Kerberized authentication of Windows Terminal Service
Discover how to configure the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2003 Server to authenticate Terminal Service users with the IBM Network Authentication Service (IBM NAS) Key Distribution Center (KDC) being hosted on their AIX(R) 5.3 system. Such a setup not only gives Kerberized authentication for Terminal Service users, but it also allows users to have uniform user IDs and passwords across AIX and Windows Server systems. It allows application developers to exploit the advantages of Kerberos interoperability between IBM NAS and Windows in Kerberized applications spanning across systems.
Also available in: Chinese  
Articles 22 Aug 2006
Secure communication with Kerberized OpenSSH on AIX Version 5.3 using Windows Kerberos service
Discover how you can configure the Kerberized Open Secure Shell (OpenSSH) on AIX(R) Version 5.3 machines that have Microsoft(R) Active Directory Server to act as the Key Distribution Center (KDC). OpenSSH encrypts traffic, including passwords, to eliminate eavesdropping, taking over your connection, or peeking into your data. If you work in a hybrid environment with multi-vendor solutions on AIX Version 5.3 systems, then you'll find this article extremely useful.
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Articles 13 Jun 2006
Immutability and appendOnly features in GPFS 3.4v on AIX
Protect your business data on AIX systems using immutability and appendOnly features supported by IBM General Parallel File System V3.4 ensuring compliance to various government regulations. Having rich set of command line interfaces, GPFS allows you to set appropriate restrictions to your business audit files, health center records and log files in order to effectively secure them from being tampered or accidentally deleted. This article illustrates how to make use of immutability and appendOnly restrictions offered by IBM GPFS V3.4 to protect your AIX data.
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Articles 30 Apr 2012
1 - 6 of 6 results
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