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Optimizing AIX 5L performance: Tuning network performance, Part 2
This three-part series on AIX (R) networking focuses on the challenges of optimizing network performance. Part 1provided a networking overview and also discussed the tools you need to monitor your hardware, including netstat, netpmon, entstat, and nmon. Part 2 focuses on tuning NFS. You'll learn about monitoring utilities such as nfsstat and nmon, and you'll also tune with nfso. The series also offers best practices for network I/O performance tuning.
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Articles 22 Jan 2008
Optimizing AIX 5L performance: Monitoring your CPU, Part 3
Part 3 of this series focuses on arguably the least understood area of Central Processing Unit (CPU) performance tuning: controlling thread usage and CPU binding. This article addresses key tools and utilities you can use to analyze threads and administrate your processes.
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Articles 15 May 2007
Techniques for memory debugging
Exercise good memory-related coding practices by creating a comprehensive program to keep memory errors under control. Memory errors are the bane of C and C++ programming: they're common, awareness of their importance for over two decades hasn't eradicated them, they can impact applications severely, and few development teams have a definite plan for their management. The good news, though, is that they needn't be so mysterious.
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Articles 04 Apr 2007
Transition from Solaris to AIX
So you've been the UNIX(R) guru on your team for years now and senior management has determined, without your input, to migrate to IBM from Sun Microsystems. Other than updating your resume, what do you need to do? Can you make the transition to AIX(R)? What does IBM offer as an alternative to either VERITAS or Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)? In this article, use the filesystem management and tools available to you on AIX to make your transition easier.
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Articles 06 Mar 2007
System Administration Toolkit: Standardizing your UNIX command-line tools
Examine methods for standardizing your interface to simplify movements between different UNIX(R) systems. If you manage multiple UNIX systems, particularly in a heterogeneous environment, then the hardest task can be switching between the different environments and performing the different tasks while having to consider all of the differences between the systems. This article does not cover specific differences, but you'll look at ways that can provide compatible layers, or wrappers, to support a consistent environment.
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Articles 22 Aug 2006
1 - 5 of 5 results
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