IBM Master the Mainframe : India 2012

Master the Mainframe Contest

India 2012

In the the fall of 2012, IBM ran its first-ever Master the Mainframe Contest for students across India, drawing 1,121 participants. The fantastic turnout and difficult challenges made this an extremely tough contest. All of the students below deserve special recognition for distinguishing themselves through their extraordinary enterprise computing accomplishments.


In order to win Part 3, students had to complete a series of extremely difficult and time-consuming tasks, mastering the inner workings of mainframe software products, security protocols, multiple programming languages, and various utilities.

After many weeks of hard work and dedication, the winners of Part 3 of the 2012 IBM Master the Mainframe Contest in India are:

  • Sachin Sharma, Dronacharya College of Engineering
  • Abhra Dasgupta, BESU, Shibpur
  • Rupsa Santara, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Chandrima Kanrar, BESU, Shibpur

To all of this year's participants and winners, we hope you enjoyed the contest and picked up some marketable new skills!