IBM University Relations

IBM University Relations

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  • IBM Academic Initiative

    IBM Academic Initiative

    IBM Academic Initiative is a global program that offers no-charge access to resources to help faculty strengthen their educational programs so their students can compete in the job market of any industry. Become a member today.

  • University research, collaboration, and awards

    University research, collaboration, and awards

    IBM has a strong tradition of research collaboration with academia in universities around the world. IBM can help you advance your academic research, explore new opportunities, and connect with colleagues and programs worldwide.

  • IBM Watson

    IBM Watson

    With its historic victory on Jeopardy!, IBM Watson ushered in breakthrough technology involving cognitive systems that can transform how organizations think, operate and decide. Prepare your students for this new era in computing.

  • Adult talking with students

    Student Developer Community

    Arm your students with the resources needed to launch their own businesses or to become industry leaders. Find showcased student projects, Bluemix Student Ambassador program information, hackathon schedules, and more.

  • Business solutions for education

    Business solutions for education

    Meet education's toughest challenges: budget cuts, demand for specialized skills, and complexity created by alternative learning paths. Transform your institution with IBM hardware, software, and services.

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