XML for PHP developers, Part 1: The 15-minute PHP-with-XML starter

Feb 27, 2007 ... This first article of a three-part series introduces PHP5's XML implementation and
helps those relatively new to using XML with PHP to read, ...

Reading and writing the XML DOM with PHP

Dec 6, 2005 ... Myriad techniques are available for reading and writing XML in PHP. This article
presents three methods for reading XML: using the DOM ...

XML for PHP developers, Part 2: Advanced XML parsing techniques

Mar 6, 2007 ... This second article in a three-part series will discuss XML parsing ... This content
is part 2 of 3 in the series: XML for PHP developers.

Use DB2 native XML with PHP

Oct 27, 2005 ... You will be able to use PHP with the native XML capability coming in the next
version of DB2 UDB to develop Web apps with a smaller code ...

Validating XML in PHP

Nov 10, 2009 ... Fortunately, you can easily accomplish this in PHP. This article shows you how to
validate XML documents within PHP and determine the ...

IBM developerWorks : Technical library

Results 1 - 6 of 6 ... Combine the powerful XML processing tools in PHP with YQL to easily add data
from online services to a web application quickly, efficiently, ...

Pull parsing XML in PHP

Jan 30, 2007 ... Discover the XMLReader library, which is bundled with PHP 5 and enables PHP
pages to process XML documents in an efficient streaming ...

Read and write Excel data with PHP

Oct 4, 2005 ... Learn how to use the XML support in PHP to read the data from the XML
exported from Microsoft Excel 2003. Also, learn to export data from ...

Convert XML to JSON in PHP

Jan 16, 2007 ... Learn how PHP-based server programs can convert XML-formatted enterprise
application data into JSON format before sending it to browser ...

Learning PHP, Part 2: Upload files and use XML or JSON to store ...

Jun 21, 2005 ... In this tutorial you will learn how to use sessions with PHP, how to manipulate
XML data with the DOM, and how to create, use, and read JSON ...

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