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Principles of XML design: Considering container elements

Sep 24, 2004 ... In my last article in this series, I started looking at how to organize elements into
structures in XML design. In this article, I continue discussion of element
structures, considering the problem of when and how to use container elements
around groups of related elements. XML modeling is but a subset of data ...

Getting back to basics: LOBs and XML objects for DB2 for z/OS

Jul 15, 2010 ... How comfortable are you with your knowledge of LOB and XML concepts for DB2
for z/OS? Do you think that you could participate in a technical conversation or
listen to a technical presentation with complete understanding of what is being
proposed or stated? Sometimes you need to simply step back and ...

XML for Data: Modeling many-to-many relationships

In this column, Kevin Williams takes a look at some options for modeling many-to-
many relationships in XML. Several different techniques, and the advantages and
disadvantages of each, are discussed. Examples are provided in XML.

Working with XML on Android

Jun 23, 2009 ... Learn to build Android applications that can work with XML from the Internet.
Android applications are written in the Java™ programming language, so
experience with Java technology is a must-have. To develop for Android, you will
need the Android SDK. All of the code shown in this article will work with ...

IBM Cognos Proven Practices: IBM Cognos BI – XML as a Data ...

Feb 22, 2010 ... IBM Cognos provides the ability to connect to many types of data sources for
reporting, including XML. This document will illustrate techniques for connecting
to XML data sources with IBM Cognos BI.

XML basics for new users

Feb 24, 2009 ... If you're new to XML, this article introduces the basic construction of XML
documents as well as the rules that you must follow to create well-formed XML,
including naming conventions, proper tag nesting, attribute guidelines,
declarations, and entities. You'll also gain an understanding of validation in terms

Principles of XML design: When to use elements versus attributes

Mar 4, 2004 ... The oldest question asked by adopters of XML is when to use elements and
when to use attributes in XML design. As with most design issues, this question
rarely has absolute answers, but developers have also experienced a lack of
very clear guidelines to help them make this decision. In this article ...

Managing XML data: XML catalogs

May 13, 2005 ... An old programmer's adage states that any problem can be solved with an
additional layer of indirection -- an adage that is as true in XML as in any other
field. Many problems that arise when loading schemas, DTDs, and stylesheets
can be elegantly solved by introducing XML catalogs as an indirection ...

IBM InfoSphere DataStage and DB2 pureXML, Part 1: Integrate XML ...

Aug 20, 2009 ... Learn how to integrate business-critical XML data into your data warehouse
using IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.1 and DB2 9.5 pureXML. This two-part article
series provides step-by-step instructions for using pureXML as both a source and
target data source for InfoSphere DataStage jobs.

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