Getting started with the Eclipse Platform

Nov 1, 2002 ... Editor's note: An updated version of this article titled "Get started with Eclipse
Platform" was published in July 2007. This original version will remain available
for reference purposes. Read the new article to understand the latest features in

Get started with the Eclipse Platform

Jul 17, 2007 ... Find out about the Eclipse Platform, including its origin and architecture. Starting
with a brief discussion about the open source nature of Eclipse and its support for
multiple programming languages, we demonstrate the Java development
environment with a simple programming example. We also survey ...

Plug-in development 101, Part 1: The fundamentals

Feb 12, 2008 ... Plug-in development in Eclipse is somewhat of an art form. If you're new to the
concept of plug-ins, especially in the context of OSGi and Eclipse, it can be quite
burdensome learning the myriad tools Eclipse has to help you write plug-ins. The
purpose of this article is to help you learn some basic plug-in ...

A brief history of Eclipse

Nov 15, 2005 ... from The Rational Edge: In the late 1990s, IBM began development of what we
now know as Eclipse. This article reviews the inception and growing acceptance
of this popular computing platform, illustrating the role Eclipse plays in today's
development tool arena.

IBM open source graduated to Eclipse OMR - IBM Code

Anyone who works with open source code understands how it promotes
collaborative innovation. Old-school thinking around hiding code merely blocks
hardware and software platforms' open strategy. The Eclipse OMR ecosystem for
scripting and Java is an Eclipse project and represents a major advancement in
open ...

Equinox p2 cures Eclipse plug-in headaches

Oct 14, 2008 ... This article explores the new features of Equinox p2, which debuted in Eclipse V3
.4. It looks at the pitfalls of the update manager user interface (UI) that was
available in earlier versions of Eclipse and shows how the Equinox p2 framework
is an improvement. Specifically, it shows how to use the new ...

Documenting your project using the Eclipse help system

Jan 29, 2004 ... The Eclipse Platform, which provides a very powerful IDE, includes its own help
system based on an XML table of contents referencing HTML files. What isn't
immediately obvious is that you don't have to write Eclipse plug-ins to use it. Any
project can use a cut-down version of the platform to provide ...

Developing Eclipse plug-ins

Dec 1, 2002 ... In this article, author David Gallardo shows you how to create Eclipse plug-ins
using the Plug-in Development Environment's code generation wizard. You'll
learn how to run and debug the plug-in in the run-time workbench and install the
completed plug-in in Eclipse. He also examines issues relating to ...

API Tools in Eclipse: An introduction

Sep 16, 2008 ... Crafting Application Public Interface (API) and especially managing API among
different releases is difficult. Learn how to take advantage of Eclipse's PDE API
Tools to make this process easier and seamlessly integrated into your daily
development. Note that this article is specific to Eclipse V3.4: ...

Debugging with the Eclipse Platform

May 1, 2007 ... Find out how to use the built-in debugging features in the Eclipse Platform for
debugging software projects. Debugging is something programmers can't avoid.
There are many ways to go about it, but it essentially comes down to finding the
code responsible for a bug. For example, one of the most common ...

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