UML basics: The class diagram

Sep 15, 2004 ... An introduction to structure diagrams in UML 2 .... To model inheritance on a
class diagram, a solid line is drawn from the child class (the class ...

Reverse engineering UML class and sequence diagrams from Java ...

Jun 10, 2008 ... Introduction; Nature of the problems with class and sequence diagrams; Identify
an inheritance tree UML class diagram; Generate a high-level ...

Rational:Development Tools (RAD, RSA, RDA, RSM, RWD):UML ...

Feb 19, 2007 ... Hi. I'm trying to show inheritance in a class diagram where the superclass is not
shown on the diagram. In most UML modeling tools I've used, ...

UML basics Part III: The class diagram

other classes. The UML representation of a class -- a class diagram -- is a
rectangle .... inheriting the behavior) with a closed arrowhead (or triangle)
pointing to.

Mapping objects to relational databases

Jul 1, 2000 ... Implementing inheritance in a relational database. The concept of ... Figure 1. A
UML class diagram of a simple class hierarchy. Figure 1.

Reverse engineer UML diagrams by using IBM Rational Software ...

Aug 13, 2009 ... Reverse engineer UML diagrams by using IBM Rational Software Architect, ...
Create an inheritance tree of classes by using Software Analyzer.

UML basics: An introduction to the Unified Modeling Language

Jun 15, 2003 ... The class diagram shows how the different entities (people, things, and ... object-
oriented principles, see the Java tutorial What Is Inheritance?

UML basics: The component diagram

Dec 15, 2004 ... In my previous article on the UML's class diagram, (The Rational Edge,
September 2004), I described how the class diagram's notation set is ...

Modeling Real-Time Applications in RSARTE

Just like a regular UML class a capsule can have attributes and operations. .... In
a class diagram protocols can be visualized using class-like symbols as .....
Generalization relationships are used for inheriting structure and behavior from a

Design XML schemas using UML

Feb 1, 2003 ... The following schemas represent the mapping of the UML diagram (see Figure 2)
... As you can see in Listing 1, the Shipping Order class in UML is .... Inheritance
by extension is a common object-oriented design and is easily ...

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