UML Activity Diagrams: Detailing User Interface Navigation

Apr 29, 2004 ... UML Activity Diagrams are well suited to capturing a series of actions taken on
behalf of a user via a GUI. Although on the surface Activity Diagrams may seem
little more than glorified flowcharts (and perhaps not even as powerful because
they lack specific symbology), in fact they represent the same highly ...

UML basics: The class diagram

Sep 15, 2004 ... from The Rational Edge: As the most important example of the new structure
diagram type in UML 2, the class diagram can be used by analysts, business
modelers, developers, and testers throughout the software development lifecycle.
This article offers a comprehensive introduction.

Create an Eclipse-based application using the Graphical Editing ...

Mar 27, 2007 ... Another common GEF application is a UML editor, such as a class diagram editor
. One important piece of information in the diagram is the (x, y) location where a
class appears. You might assume that the model must describe a class as having
an x and y property. Most developers want to avoid polluting ...

Programmatically Obtain UML Class Diagram from Java Source

... api (
which does exactly what I want. At first I thought I could directly use the plugins
that are used by the gui, i.e.,

Use Case Modeling

The essence of this model is to capture user requirements of a new system,
whether it's being devel- oped from scratch or based on an existing system, by
detailing all the scenarios that users will be performing. GUI Prototype. Dynamic.
Use Case. Model. Robustness. Diagram. Sequence. Diagram. Domain. Model.

UML basics: The component diagram

Dec 15, 2004 ... This is the next installment in a series of articles about the essential diagrams
used within the Unified Modeling Language, or UML. In my previous article on
the UML's class diagram, (The Rational Edge, September 2004), I described how
the class diagram's notation set is the basis for all UML 2's structure ...

The Rational Edge -- November 2003 -- User experience ...

The Rational Edge -- November 2003 -- User experience storyboards: Usability
with Use Cases, RUP and UML. Figure 1: Phases ... including the UI. RUP uses
models to represent the various parts of a software system. In Requirements, the
use-case model is the most important one to build. In Analysis & Design, as one ...

Modeling and generating Web services metadata using Rational ...

May 15, 2007 ... For example, Web service operations (WSDL operations) can be described as
UML operations, Groups of Web service structure requests (WSDL port types)
can be depicted as UML interfaces or classes, as XML schemas by using UML
class diagrams, and as Web services data structures by using UML ...

Introducing IBM Rational Software Architect

It guides the beginner through the basic views, and explains how Rational
Software Architect leverages the Eclipse 3.0 framework for usability. You'll learn
how to use Rational Software Architect to create simple class and use-case
diagrams, as well as how to generate code from the class diagrams. Finally, it
briefly covers ...

Rational:Development Tools (RAD, RSA, RDA, RSM, RWD ...

Sep 3, 2006 ... On the other hand the java class can be added to the UML class diagram using
Visualize option, but cannot be edited from the model perspective. ... There is an
option - Harvest - that allows parsing a java class GUI and paste it as UML class
into a UML model, but this option does not create the association ...

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