The 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report

The 2011 IBM. Tech Trends Report. Tech Trends of today. Skills for tomorrow.
November 15, 2011. The 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report
/techtrendsreport ...

2011 IBM Tech Trends Report: The Clouds are Rolling In... Is Your ...

Nov 22, 2011 ... IBM developerWorks just released their 2011 Tech Trends Report. There's no big
surprise on the hottest IT trends for the next 2 years – Business Analytics, Mobile
Computing, Cloud Computing and Social Business. But as an MBA and PMP , I'm
more interested in cutting through the hype to help our ...

RMF Spreadsheet Reporter Basics Oct 2015.pptx

First, determine the hardware resources available and being used overall. –
LPAR Trend Report. • How busy is the physical hardware? • How many partitions
are there? • What is the resource utilization of the LPARs relative to their weights
? – Coupling Facility Trend Report. • How busy are the CFs? • Is there channel ...

Avoiding Performance SRs

RMF Reports - CPU. • LPAR Trend report. – REPORTS(CPU). • Can see stacked
picture of single LPAR (GP/zIIP/IFL). – This is useful to get an idea of the CEC
utilization across processors. • Look at CEC's CPU trend over the time period with
GP and specialty engines. – You can superimpose the max CPU % the LPAR will

IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager - Tivoli Common Reporting

BM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager v7.3.0 Fix Pack 4 Cognos reporting.
2.4 Trend reports. 2.4.1 Cost Trend report. Name. Cost Trend report. Description.
The Cost Trend report provides total charges by account code broken down by
rategroup and rate code for each period of the year for the parameters selected.

IBM Digital Analytics User's Guide

Jan 22, 2015 ... modules on Exposure, Stickiness, Attraction, and more. For more information, see
the IBM Digital Analytics User Guide. Related tasks: “Sharing report views and
dashboards” on page 33. “Sending report views or dashboards as email
attachments” on page 34. Chapter 7, “Analyzing trends,” on page 27.

Tivoli Decision Support for zOS : Report pack summary and content

Section, Report ID, Report description. MVSPM (MVS performance monitoring),
mvspm024, MVSPM System Resources by Workload Types. mvspm025, MVSPM
CPU Busy by Workload Types, Hourly Trend. mvspm026, MVSPM CPU Busy by
Workload PGNs, Hourly Trend. mvspm027, MVSPM Storage Used by Workload ...

Quality and Test Reporting – Part 3 of 7 - Solving Real World ...

Aug 14, 2015 ... Go into Report Builder and choose to build a new report. As a new feature in 6.0.
1 M2, you can choose either a current data or historical trend data report. Choose
the current data report and click Continue. image. Step 2. Select the Quality
Management project area and associated Requirements ...

How to manually fix 'PM Trend' issue by changing Process Portal ...

Jul 31, 2015 ... The screen captures below can show you how to find 'PM Trend' -> 'Report
Transformation' code from Process Portal Application using IBM Process
Designer. image. Solution: Besides opening APAR JR53733 to track the final
solution. We have a workaround by manually fixing 'PM Trend' using Process ...

New Tivoli® Usage and Accounting Manager (TUAM) Cognos ...

Sep 15, 2011 ... The TUAM team are pleased to announce the delivery of 10 new Cognos reports,
that enhance TUAM Cognos reporting in the following ways: Graphs and Pie
charts have been introduced giving users an at-a-glance view of the current
situation. Trend reports are now available, allowing users to view how ...

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