How to use Spring Data JPA with Liberty - dWAnswers

I'm trying to write an application using Spring Data JPA with Liberty. I have been
struggling with the project setup. The guideline at the Spring project focuses on
spring boot, so it was not very helpful I'm using spring 4.0.9 ( and spring-data-jpa
1.7.2) and when the context is loaded I get this message: ...

Spring 3.1 enabled portlet with JPA

The aim of this article is to showcase development of Spring V3.1 based portlets
for WebSphere®. Portal using IBM Rational® Application Developer V8.5. The
sample use case of this article incorporates fetching the data from a Derby
database using JPA technology. It uses Spring 3.1 portlet MVC framework, JSR
286 ...

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:JPA Fetch size issue in ...

Yes, I am using hibernate configured with Spring Data + Spring Boot using
annotations. But when we deployed the same package in liberty core, liberty took
the default JPA provider i.e. open JPA for JPA 2.0. AS per my understanding, we
could force liberty to use our own JPA provider by defining it in ...

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:Spring ...

Jan 24, 2014 ... Trying to deploy a REST/JPA Spring application to WebSphere but getting
the below error. The same code runs correctly on my local Tomcat ....
buildSessionFactory( at org.hibernate.jpa.boot.internal.
.... <artifactId>spring-data-jpa</artifactId>. <version>1.5.0.M1</version>.

Use Drools and JPA for continuous, real-time data profiling

Jul 5, 2012 ... POJOs, along with dependency injection (DI) and aspect-oriented programming (
AOP), marked a return to simplicity that effectively boosted Spring as an industry
standard for developing web applications. POJO adoption flowed from Spring
into EJB 3.0 and JPA, and from there into XML-to-Java binding ...

Can only perform operation while a transaction is active - dWAnswers

saveAndFlush(mxInfo); which is executing to this code in org.springframework. @Transactional ... Spring Data
Repositories --> <jpa:repositories base-package="no.klp.member.dao"/> <jpa:
repositories base-package="no.klp.workmanager.dao"/> <bean ...


spring,; webshere-7,; boot. and 1 more. Forums Forum > Topic: from here http://
example ... webcontainer I
addWebApplication SRVE0250I: Web Module null has. Comment: engine, while
WAS is fully JEE ...

Introducing Spring Roo, Part 6: Develop Spring MVC and GWT ...

Sep 7, 2012 ... Spring Roo 1.2 makes it possible to have Repositories using Spring JPA project.
Spring JPA is part of the umbrella Spring Data project that makes it easy to
implement JPA-based repositories. Spring Roo uses Spring JPA repositories
which require simply writing repository interfaces, and Spring JPA ...


Forum > Topic: I have deployed a springBoot app built using jdk 1.6 onto my
websphere I got the app from here
spring-boot-angularjs-spring-data-jpa-crud-app-example. Comment: engine,
while WAS is fully JEE compatible. WASv7 is going out of support in April of 2018
. Spring .

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:Deploying Spring Boot ...

I have deployed a springBoot app built using jdk 1.6 onto my websphere
. I got the app from here
-spring-data-jpa-crud-app-example/ . The example app was created using JDK
1.8 and I recompiled it using jdk1.6. The app seems to start fine ...

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