Collect and analyze social data without writing a single line of code

May 6, 2015 ... We also show you how to use the IBM Analytics for Hadoop service to analyze
the data and produce summary charts. You'll be amazed at how ...

IBM Accelerator for social data analytics - dWAnswers

Mar 22, 2013 ... Hi, Can anyone suggest me where can i download IBM Accelerator for social
data analytics for free from ibm site. Thanks, Vittal Cherala.

Pinned topic IBM Accelerator for social data analytics

Mar 21, 2013 ... Hi Vittal, Technically there is no additional charge for the IBM Accelerator for
Social Data Analytics as long as you are already a customer of ...

Resolving mismatches in social data application scenario names

If you encounter a Scenario name parameter mismatch between the Local
Analysis and Global Analysis applications, there is no Global Profile to extract.

Unraveling Machine and Social Data Analytics on the IBM Big Data ...

Nov 28, 2012 ... This session we will cover the approach to machine data analytics in conjunction
with text analytics to deal with wide variety of data to get ...

Big data analytics for video, mobile, and social game monetization

Jul 17, 2012 ... Apply big data analytics techniques to capture rich and varied behavioral and
multi-structured game and player data. Then store this data in ...

Transforming Social Data into Business Insight

You are custodian of the most valuable data within the enterprise IF you can
release it for business value. Are you an Analytics Rockstar? 5 ...

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media - Cloud Data Services

Analytics for Apache Spark provides fast, in-memory, distributed analytics
processing of large data sets. thumbnail. dashDB. True business intelligence
comes ...

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Best Practices : Indexing social data in ...

Ensure that the Global Analysis or Cumulative Feedback application contains
output data before you index the CSV output file in Data Explorer. If the output file

Analyze text from social media sites with InfoSphere BigInsights

May 14, 2013 ... BigInsights includes the IBM Accelerator for Social Data Analytics (SDA) to help
you start implementation of your social data applications.

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