UML basics: The sequence diagram

Feb 16, 2004 ... From The Rational Edge series of articles, .UML basics, on the essential
diagrams in the Unified Modeling Language, this article offers a detailed
introduction to the sequence diagram. It also introduces several new notation
elements in the recent UML 2.0 specification.

Model Simulation in Rational Software Architect: Sequence Diagram ...

Model Simulation in Rational Software Architect: Sequence Diagram Simulation.
Anders Ek. Senior Manager – Tau Product Development. IBM. In this article we
will investigate how to use simulation to explore UML models where sequence
diagrams are used as the main scenario description technique. We will go
through ...

Generating Sequence Diagrams with the SE Toolkit in Rhapsody 8.0.5

Feb 12, 2014 ... The SE-Toolkit included with Rhapsody 8.0.5 has undergone a major revision.
The old toolkit was written in Visual Basic and was starting to show its age. The
new SE-Toolkit has been re-written from the ground up in Java - making it linux-
compatible as well as having a more modern user interface.

Rational:IBM Rational Rhapsody:Issues with sequence diagram ...

Hi everybody. We are starting to use IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.1.1 for system
requirement analysis and design. We are facing a very odd issue. We have long
sequence diagrams that cannot be fit into a single page unless we make them
not readable. If we set the Diagram Print Settings to not shrink into ...

Rational:Unified Modeling Language - UML:Sequence diagram ...

Hello All,. I'm just started using sequence diagram , I do not have combined
fragments type in diagram tools . How to enable it so that its visible in diagram
tools. Thanks,. Ach_res. Attachments. Capture.PNG ; Capture.PNG; 74 KB;
Download. Log in to reply. Updated on Oct 12, 2017 at 5:33 AM by Ach_Res.

Create editable sequence diagram with Rational Software Architect

Jun 19, 2012 ... Sequence diagrams play a key role in documentation. These diagrams easily
depict the flow, interaction among objects, and message communication, Bala
Subramanaian Vetrivel describes how to generate sequence diagrams for Java
projects by using IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere ...

Rational:Rational Rose:Alt in sequence diagram - Rational Rose ...

First, I'm not a UML expert so take the following with a grain of salt. The general
consensus is that this isn't what sequence diagrams are good at, and so it
typically isn't shown. There is a UML construct called "interaction frame" that can
be used to denote conditional or iterative execution on a sequence ...

Rational:Rational Rose:Cannot delete a class from a sequence ...

How do i delete a class from a sequence diagram once i have placed it there. I
select the class and right click but i get the option to delete grayed out. Also the
delete button on the keyboard does not work. The only option i have is to delete
from model. How do i go about accomplishing this? Log in to reply.

Visualize with Rational Application Developer

Feb 7, 2006 ... Rational Application Developer provides visual diagramming tools to help you
gain insight and knowledge of existing applications or to more easily create and
understand new applications. After completing this tutorial, you will know how to
create class, sequence, browse, and topic diagrams.

Rational:Unified Modeling Language - UML:Sequence diagram ...

This is sort of a weakness with Sequence Diagrams. If you modeling tool lets you,
you could have two column(object)s with the same object name but different
class names, and stereotype a dependency between them to show that they are
the same object. I have always been frustrated with this aspect of ...

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