Create RESTful Web services with Java technology

Feb 23, 2010 ... JAX-RS (JSR-311) is a specification providing for RESTful services capability in a
Java EE environment. It promises to give you a viable alternative to traditional,
SOAP-based Web services. In this article, learn about the major components of
JAX-RS. An example illustrates how an enterprise exposes ...

Build a RESTful Web service using Jersey and Apache Tomcat

Sep 24, 2009 ... Representational state transfer (REST) was introduced in early 2000 by Roy
Fielding's doctoral dissertation. However, in the Java community, it was not
standardized until JSR 311(JAX-RS) was finalized in 2008. The first release of its
reference implementation is even later. In this article, I introduce Jersey, ...

RESTful Web services: The basics

Nov 6, 2008 ... Representational State Transfer (REST) has gained widespread acceptance
across the Web as a simpler alternative to SOAP- and Web Services ... for REST
have started to appear and are still being developed because it's slated, for
example, to become an integral part of Java™ 6 through JSR-311.

Build RESTful Web services and dynamic Web applications with the ...

Jun 30, 2009 ... In the sample application, the application tier is built using Java™ code. This
article uses the Jersey framework for RESTful Web services; Spring frameworks
for MVC, navigation, and JDBC; and MySQL as the database. Eclipse is used as
an IDE. The sample application will be deployed in Tomcat.

A multi-tier architecture for building RESTful Web services

Jun 9, 2009 ... Clients are implemented using a wide variety of languages such as Java
programs, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Javascript (including Ajax). RESTful
Web services are generally accessed by an automated client or an application
acting on behalf of the user. However, their simplicity makes it possible for ...

Construct a simple JAX-RS 2.0-compliant REST service with ...

Dec 20, 2016 ... Java™ API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) is a collection of interfaces and
Java annotations that simplifies the development of server-side REST
applications. Thanks to JAX-RS, you can specify RESTful web service behavior
by annotating classes to respond to specific HTTP methods (such as GET or ...

Build RESTful web services using Spring 3

Jul 27, 2010 ... In the Java world, you can build a RESTful web service in several ways: Some
folks use JSR 311(JAX-RS) and its reference implementation Jersey, others use
the Restlet framework, and some might even implement from scratch. Spring, the
well-known framework for building Java EE applications, now ...

Developing RESTful web services in Liberty with JAX-RS - CICS ...

Mar 11, 2016 ... It stands for Java API for RESTful web services and is used for designing web
services according to the REST design pattern. It uses annotations to convert
between Java and web data. There are many implementations of JAX-RS in use
today including WebSphere Liberty, Apache Wink or Jersey.

Using Apache Wink, Eclipse, and Maven to develop RESTful Web ...

Feb 9, 2010 ... Apache Wink is an open source implementation of the Java API for RESTful Web
Services (JAX-RS) specification. Learn how to develop, deploy, and run RESTful
Web services using Apache Wink along with the Eclipse IDE and the Maven
project management tool.

DB2 Web Query RESTful Web Services DeveloperLs Guide

NET and Java code examples on how to create DB2 Web Query RESTful web
service requests. Visual Basic .NET and Java. Code Examples. B.
Documentation Conventions. The following table describes the documentation
conventions that are used in this manual. Description. Convention. Denotes
syntax that you must ...

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