RESTful Web services: The basics

Nov 6, 2008 ... Representational State Transfer (REST) has gained widespread acceptance
across the Web as a simpler alternative to SOAP- and Web Services Description
Language (WSDL)-based Web services. Key evidence of this shift in interface
design is the adoption of REST by mainstream Web 2.0 service ...

REST, Web services, REST-ful services

Jun 14, 2010 ... REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is an architecture principle in which the
web services are viewed as resources and can be uniquely identified by their
URLs. The key characteristic of a RESTful Web service is the explicit use of HTTP
methods to denote the invocation of different operations.

Build a RESTful Web service using Jersey and Apache Tomcat

Sep 24, 2009 ... The most important concept in REST is resources, which are identified by global
IDs— typically using URIs. Client applications use HTTP methods ( GET/ POST/
PUT/ DELETE ) to manipulate the resource or collection of resources. A RESTful
Web service is a Web service implemented using HTTP and the ...

Describe REST Web services with WSDL 2.0

May 29, 2008 ... The term Web services is typically associated with operation- or action-based
services using SOAP and the WS* standards, such as WS-Addressing and WS-
Security. The term REST Web services generally refers to a resource-based Web
services architecture that uses HTTP and XML. Each of these ...

Build RESTful web services using Spring 3

Jul 27, 2010 ... In the Java world, you can build a RESTful web service in several ways: Some
folks use JSR 311(JAX-RS) and its reference implementation Jersey, others use
the Restlet framework, and some might even implement from scratch. Spring, the
well-known framework for building Java EE applications, now ...

Build RESTful Web services and dynamic Web applications with the ...

Jun 30, 2009 ... In the previous article, I discussed the multi-tier architecture to build RESTful Web
services and dynamic Web applications. I proposed a Resource Request
Handler (RRH) in the Presentation Layer for Ajax/Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and
calls from external client applications, and a Browser Request ...

Create RESTful Web services with Java technology

Feb 23, 2010 ... JAX-RS (JSR-311) is a specification providing for RESTful services capability in a
Java EE environment. It promises to give you a viable alternative to traditional,
SOAP-based Web services. In this article, learn about the major components of
JAX-RS. An example illustrates how an enterprise exposes ...

Construct a simple JAX-RS 2.0-compliant REST service with ...

Dec 20, 2016 ... Java™ API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) is a collection of interfaces and
Java annotations that simplifies the development of server-side REST
applications. Thanks to JAX-RS, you can specify RESTful web service behavior
by annotating classes to respond to specific HTTP methods (such as GET or ...

MDM AE pMDM with RESTful web services (MDM Developers)

Sep 14, 2015 ... MDM AE pMDM with RESTful web services New in MDM v11.4 is the ability to
submit REST requests to the service controller. No more complex SOAP client
code, or worst EJB remote calls! Previously, interactions with MDM Operational
server were possible with EJB/RMI, JMS, JAX-WS and JAX-RPC ...

REST Web Services for the RPG Programmer

What is it? – SOAP is not an acronym. – SOAP is a protocol for exchanging XML-
based messages over computer networks. – Message being sent must adhere to
the protocol. – Protocol used to implement web services. – Generally activity-
oriented, where service operations are center of attention (resources may be ...

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