RESTful Web services: The basics

Nov 6, 2008 ... One of the key characteristics of a RESTful Web service is the explicit use of
HTTP methods in a way that follows the protocol as defined by RFC 2616. HTTP
GET, for instance, is defined as a data-producing method that's intended to be
used by a client application to retrieve a resource, to fetch data from a ...

Build a RESTful Web service using Jersey and Apache Tomcat

Sep 24, 2009 ... The most important concept in REST is resources, which are identified by global
IDs— typically using URIs. Client applications use HTTP methods ( GET/ POST/
PUT/ DELETE ) to manipulate the resource or collection of resources. A RESTful
Web service is a Web service implemented using HTTP and the ...

Exposing RESTful services using an Enterprise Service Bus

Oct 19, 2009 ... As REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is becoming more popular, more non
-RESTful service consumers and providers need to be adapted to make use of
the REST invocation style. For such an adaptation, the Enterprise Service Bus
can provide required mediation to expose non-RESTful services to ...

Accessing HTTP and RESTful services from DB2: Introducing the ...

May 26, 2011 ... Increasingly, Representational State Transfer (REST) has become the preferred
way of communicating in today's service-oriented architecture environments.
There are many services and information sources that can be addressed via a
URL and accessed using HTTP. On the other hand, there is still a ...

Build RESTful web services using Spring 3

Jul 27, 2010 ... In the Java world, you can build a RESTful web service in several ways: Some
folks use JSR 311(JAX-RS) and its reference implementation Jersey, others use
the Restlet framework, and some might even implement from scratch. Spring, the
well-known framework for building Java EE applications, now ...

Building a REST service with integrated web services server for IBM i

Deploy web service – step 1. View image at full size. New panel alert! This new
panel gives you the option to either deploy a SOAP or REST web service.
Because we are deploying a REST web service, we have selected the REST

Build RESTful Web services and dynamic Web applications with the ...

Jun 30, 2009 ... In the previous article, I discussed the multi-tier architecture to build RESTful Web
services and dynamic Web applications. I proposed a Resource Request
Handler (RRH) in the Presentation Layer for Ajax/Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and
calls from external client applications, and a Browser Request ...

A multi-tier architecture for building RESTful Web services

Jun 9, 2009 ... RESTful Web services have emerged as a promising alternative to SOAP-based
services due to their simplicity, lightweight nature, and the ability to transmit data
directly over HTTP. In this article, get an overview of the concept of REST and
RESTful Web services, and compare them to ...

Security setup for RESTful web services

Dec 4, 2013 ... This article helps you understand commonly used options for securing web
services. It also provides instructions on how to perform security configuration
settings for a RESTful web service and how to set up authentication against IBM
Bluepages enterprise directory and authorization using IBM Bluegroups.

Construct a simple JAX-RS 2.0-compliant REST service with ...

Dec 20, 2016 ... Java™ API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) is a collection of interfaces and
Java annotations that simplifies the development of server-side REST
applications. Thanks to JAX-RS, you can specify RESTful web service behavior
by annotating classes to respond to specific HTTP methods (such as GET or ...

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