REST API - IBM Decision Optimization: on Cloud, for Bluemix...

Mar 17, 2015 ... This section describes how to use a REST API with the IBM Decision
Optimization on Cloud service. The REST API example uses curl, a command
line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax. Our example includes
all the curl commands you need to get started. You can download curl and ...

Getting Started With the IBM Cognos TM1 REST API.pdf

Are you wondering how to get started with the REST API? It can be pretty over
whelming if you do not have a web development background. The words can be
confusing – should I use Python, Java,. JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and the list
goes on and on. I am going to try and answer some of those questions. As a
caveat, I ...

Tivoli Storage Manager : Client Management Services REST API ...

The Client Management Services REST API guide is intended for customers,
managed service providers, and vendors who want to create applications using
the client management service REST application-programming interface (API).
For example, a customer can use the REST API as an alternative to scripting for ...

REST API Reference - IBM Mobile Foundation Developer Center

Nov 10, 2017 ... The REST API provides several services to administer runtime adapters,
applications, devices, audit, transactions, security, and push notifications. REST
API for the MobileFirst Server push service. The REST API for Push in the
MobileFirst runtime environment enables back-end server applications that ...

Messaging REST API - IBM Messaging for admins and developers

Dec 19, 2017 ... IBM® MQ v9.0.1 saw the introduction of the REST API for administration. IBM®
MQ v9.0.4 introduces a new REST API specifically designed for messaging. The
messaging REST API comes as standard with IBM® MQ v9.0.4, and is enabled
by default. You can use the messaging REST API to send and ...

Using the IBM InfoSphere Guardium REST API

Apr 17, 2014 ... Organizations that use InfoSphere Guardium for data security and compliance
can take advantage of a rich set of APIs to automate processes and maintain the
system in a more efficient manner. As of InfoSphere Guardium 9.1, the Guardium
API is exposed to external systems as online RESTful web ...

Examples of interacting with Case Manager using REST API and CMIS

May 26, 2017 ... It became clear to me that the REST API offers an easy approach for the
integration. However during the cause of building this demonstration, I found that
there are not very many examples out there for using the Case REST API and
CMIS API with Case Manager, so I thought I would share a few simple ...

Security on developerWorks : MaaS360 RESTAPI Documentation

Contents. Github URL:
Library. 1. Authentication 2. Testing with Python's idle 3. Testing Example 4.
Reference Links. 1.Authentication: To use any web service, the app will need to
authenticate first and get an authentication token. Once generated, authentication
token is ...

Maximo NextGen REST API

Maximo NextGen REST APIs are a complete rewrite of the existing REST apis
that was released around Maximo version 7.1. Maximo NextGen REST apis are
in Maximo releases starting 7602 version. The NextGen apis are often referred to
as the REST/JSON apis for the end to end support for JSON data format. There
are ...

REST API Proof Of Concept - Automate Sterling FileGateway ...

Aug 18, 2016 ... I am going to present a REST client, written using Apache HTTP Client, that
trigger SB2Bi/SFG REST API calls to create Community and Trading Partner. As I
have noticed users trying to create these SFG resources through direct Database
SQL inserts and/or XAPI service calls but often used to end up in ...

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