Create Python apps with IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix ...

If you're a Python developer who wants to learn how to add IBM® Watson™
cognitive services to your applications, you've come to the right place. IBM®
Bluemix®, which is IBM's platform-as-a-service cloud offering, provides starter
applications, runtimes, and buildpacks to help you develop cloud-ready
applications in ...

IBM i Technology Updates : Python

Python. Python is a popular high-level programming language. It is easily
extensible through the use of third-party packages and often allows powerful
function to be written with few lines of code. Python caters to multiple
programming styles (object oriented, procedural, etc) and the code tends to be
readable and ...

Streaming analytics basics for Python developers - developerWorks ...

Imagine you work for the IT department in a hospital and want to tap the life-
saving potential of continuous data coming in from patients' vital sign monitors. A
Streams application, processing such data in real time, could make swift
detections of dangerous anomalies of vital signs, and alert hospital staff when a
patient needs ...

IBM i Technology Updates : Python 3

Apr 11, 2016 ... Basic commands. Upon installation, the following symbolic links are created in /
QOpenSys/usr/bin and should be readily available from any shell: python3 /
python3.4. This is the main Python executable. pip3 / pip3.4. Preferred package
installer. See Downloading packages using the pip3 command for ...

Developer Central:Python Programmability in SPSS Statistics:SPSS ...

>Error # 6887. Command name: begin program. >External program failed during
initialization. >Execution of this command stops. Please make sure that
Essentials for Python has been successfully installed. I was under the impression
that Essentials for Python was automatically included? Is there any way ...

Python Is Not C: Take Two (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)

Dec 8, 2015 ... When I wrote Python Is Not C 6 months ago I did not imagine that it would be my
most popular post ever, with more than 67k views. The conclusion of that post
reads: The lesson is clear: do not write Python code as you would do in C. Use
numpy array operations rather than iterate on arrays. For me it meant ...

How To Quickly Compute The Mandelbrot Set In Python (IT Best ...

Dec 28, 2015 ... I take this excellent suggestion as an excuse to review several ways of computing
the Mandelbrot set in Python using vectorized code and gpu computing. I will
specifically have a look at Numpy, NumExpr, Numba, Cython, TensorFlow,
PyOpenCl, and PyCUDA. All timings, except for TensorFlow, are ...

How To Make Python Run As Fast As Julia (IT Best Kept Secret Is ...

Dec 1, 2015 ... Julia vs Python Should we ditch Python and other languages in favor of Julia for
technical computing? That's certainly a thought that comes to mind when one
looks at the benchmarks on Python and other high level
languages are way behind in term of speed. The first question that came ...

IBM i Technology Updates : Sample web application with Python

Sample web application with Python. Preparation. 1. Install Python IBM i and
verify your installation. 2. Install the following shipped add-ons: DB2 for i
connector; Toolkit for IBM i; Lightweight web framework (bottle). For more
information, see Installing shipped add-ons. 3. Verify XMLSERVICE is installed
into the ...

Developers wanted: Quantum computing, Python, and Jupyter ...

Mar 10, 2017 ... The current set of upgrades makes it possible for the community to interact
directly through a web API using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. This extension
enables new types of experiments involving collections of quantum circuits. It
marks a first step toward a full, robust open source software development ...

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