Charming Python: Iterators and simple generators

Sep 1, 2001 ... Python 2.2 introduces a new construct accompanied by a new keyword. The
construct is generators; the keyword is yield. Generators make possible several
new, powerful, and expressive programming idioms, but are also a little bit hard
to get one's mind around at first glance. In this article, David provides ...

Charming Python: Implementing "weightless threads" with Python ...

Jun 1, 2002 ... For convenience, I also let the generators yield a standard cargo container as a
way of formalizing the data that is passed between coroutines -- but you could
also simply use agreed-upon global variables or callback setter/getter functions
to pass data. Raymond Hettinger has written a Python ...

Charming Python: Generator-based state machines

Jul 1, 2002 ... Python 2.2+'s generators take a big step towards coroutines. That is, generators
-- unlike functions/subroutines -- are resumable and can yield values across
multiple invocations. However, Python generators are only what Donald Knuth
describes as "semi-coroutines." A generator is resumable and can ...

How To Make Python Run As Fast As Julia (IT Best Kept Secret Is ...

Dec 1, 2015 ... Of course, there is no need to do this in general. We could have replaced the
previous function by a compiled function of the same name. Timing it yields. 1000
loops, best of 3: 1.47 ms per loop. Wow, more than 2 times faster than the original
Python code! We are now 9 times faster than Julia with BigInt.

Python Is Not C (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)

Jun 30, 2015 ... Several readers also made a comment that numba would provide substantial
speedup as well. I did give it a try. Here is my, non conclusive, experience. First,
let me say that experiment with another Python install may yield different result. I
am using Anaconda on a Windows machine, and I have installed ...

Charming Python: SimPy simplifies complex models

Dec 1, 2002 ... Between each action, you insert a Python "yield" statement, which lets the
simulation scheduler carry out the actions of each waiting process before
returning control. Many of the actions that processes perform depend on the use
of resources. A resource is simply anything that is limited in availability.

魅力的なPython: Pythonジェネレーターで「無重量スレッド」を実装する

2002年6月1日 ... 魅力的なPython: Pythonジェネレーターで「無重量スレッド」を実装する ... マイクロ
スレッドの領域というのは、少なくともPythonでは、Stackless Pythonのための一風
変わった拡張でありました。 ..... 最低限、無重量スレッドは、概念的な処理を1つ完了
したら必ず yield する (制御を譲る) だけの思いやりがなければなりません。

Writing your first Streaming application with the Streams Python ...

'credentials': json.loads (credentials)}]} cfg = {} cfg[ConfigParams.
VCAP_SERVICES] = vs cfg[ConfigParams.SERVICE_NAME] = service_name def
hwSource(): while True: yield 'Hello world' topo = Topology(). helloWorld = topo.
source(hwSource). helloWorld.print() submit('

Tidy Data In Python (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)

Mar 17, 2016 ... This is close, but not identical to the original dataframe, because row is used as
index. We can move it back to a column with reset_index(). We should also
remove the name dimension used for columns. messy1.reset_index(inplace=
True) = ''. It yields a dataframe that is identical to ...

魅力的なPython: イテレーターとシンプル・ジェネレーター

2001年9月1日 ... Python 2.2は、新たなキーワードを伴う新しい構成要素を導入しました。その構成要素と
あります。この記事では、David Mertz氏がジェネレーターとそれに ...

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