Practical threaded programming with Python

Jun 3, 2008 ... With Python, there is no shortage of options for concurrency, the standard library
includes support for threading, processes, and asynchronous I/O. In many cases
Python has removed much of the difficulty in using these various methods of
concurrency by creating high-level modules such as asynchronous, ...

Charming Python: Implementing "weightless threads" with Python ...

Jun 1, 2002 ... A perhaps more sophisticated approach to thread priorities is not easily available
in pure Python (but it is with some third-party OS/processor-specific libraries).
Rather than simply give high-priority threads an integer number of time-slices, the
scheduler could measure the time actually spent in each ...

Pinned topic Multithreading with Python API

Hi,. I am implementing a branch and cut algorithm in Python 2,7,6 using the
UserCutCallback class of the API with Cplex 12.6. Everything works fine, except
that my algorithm can only run in a single thread. I read that by default Cplex turn
off multithreading when you define callbacks but you can overwrite ...

[Py3/Win] CPLEX crashes if not in main thread

File "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35\lib\", line
47, in signal handler = _signal.signal(_enum_to_int(signalnum), _enum_to_int(
handler)) ValueError: signal only works in main thread. This error happens, of
course, because I'm not running CPLEX in the main thread (that's ...

Is Python Slow As Molasses? (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)

Jan 23, 2017 ... This should clear any doubt: it is possible to write efficient Python code. If Python
code can run quickly, then why isn't Python the answer to all? Python is great, but
it has some limits. The most important one is that Python can only execute one
thread at a time, because of the global interpreter lock (GIL).

Developer Central:Python Programmability in SPSS Statistics ...

Are you sure that you had actually ended the Python process? I also tried calling
spss.StopSPSS after defining a handle and then spss.StartSPSS and declaring
the handle again without getting a message. Note that all this applies to
processes, not threads. The SPSS backend is NOT thread safe (and in ...

IBM Security:IBM Security Intelligence QRadar:API:Best Practice for ...

I have implement python thread but in case of multi-threading new thread always
run under the context of main process, If I close the app the polling thread will be
destroyed. What should I do in this case ? More... It depends on your applications
purpose but for regular, timed polling of the QRadar API I ...

Communities category:IBM SDK for Node.js:node-gyp - ImportError ...

File "/a/zusr/python/install/lib/python2.7/multiprocessing/", line 38, in <
module> import threading # we want threading to install it's. File "/a/zusr/python/
install/lib/python2.7/", line 6, in <module> import thread ImportError:
No module named thread gyp ERR! configure error gyp ERR! stack ...

Installing XGBoost on Mac OSX (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)

Apr 15, 2016 ... Before I explain how to enable multi threading for XGBoost, let me point you to
this excellent Complete Guide to Parameter Tuning in XGBoost (with codes in
Python). I found it useful as I started using XGBoost. And I assume that you could
be interested if you read this far ;). Back to XGBoost, the installation ...

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:How to configure ...

Hi, I want to configur maximum size of Default thread pool in WAS7 (WAS Admin
console > Server > Server Types > WebsphereApplicationServer > server_name
> ThreadPools > maximum size of Default) through python scripts. Can someone
please help me on this? Log in to reply. Show: 10; 25; 50 · 100 ...

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