Use Python to write plug-ins for GIMP

Mar 29, 2011 ... In this article, you learn how to write Python code that allows you to automate two
... You can also run the Python console in Eclipse. ... information about the
register method's parameters by opening the Python-Fu console ...

Build Perl applications with Eclipse

Jan 17, 2006 ... Executing the code -- Often, perhaps more so with scripted ... like Perl and other
scripted languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby. ... This will prevent a command
prompt window being displayed each time the code is being checked. ... To write
Perl applications within Eclipse using the EPIC plug-in, you need ...

Run automated Selenium JUnit tests

Oct 30, 2012 ... Supported languages are Java, Ruby, Python, and C#. ... To view the test source
code, make any changes, or run the test for .... The Selenium test can now be run
in Eclipse as a stand-alone JUnit ... When you start the adapter for the first time, it
needs to be started from the command line with arguments.

Introduction to Pyjamas, Part 1: Exploit the synergy of GWT and Python

Mar 9, 2010 ... You can also download the code for the sample application. ... Plus, Pyjamas lets
you write desktop applications built on top of WebKit ... You can even use
Eclipse's Python support for debugging. ... was developed using just Python
running from the command line. ..... #if [ -z $options ] ; then options="-O";fi.

Build an Eclipse development environment for Perl, Python, and PHP

Feb 3, 2009 ... Figure 1 shows what the editor and console look like. ... There's a lot to learn
about this subject, but before you start coding, let's take a step ..... The Token
constructor accepts any Object as its argument, and this Object tells the ...

Developing the android apps using python:-Part-2:Setting up the ...

Jan 9, 2012 ... I wanted to write tutorial from the inception but before me Paul Ferrill wrote the ...
Refine search options .... After that you have to install the python plugin in eclipse
. ... The Console should inform you of the Android launch and a short time ... You
can see that project ScriptForAndroidTemplate runs the code ...

Making the most of Eclipse

They don't have to write an enormous amount of code (editors, debuggers, and
so forth); Their work .... If Eclipse runs slowly, try adding this switch to the
command line or shortcut: .... There are special search options for each kind of
search. ...... Python. The Pydev toolkit is one of the most popular, although there
are others.

Getting started with Eclipse code templates

Oct 7, 2008 ... This tutorial covers the basic use of Eclipse code templates. It takes a ... Use
templates in the Editor window. Create you ... If you're using a template, you know
you're writing the same code in the same way each time you use it. .... Press Ctrl+
Shift (Cmd+Shift on the Mac) to launch the auto-completion box.

Blockchain chaincode for Java developers

Mar 15, 2017 ... In this tutorial, you'll install a blockchain network and run a chaincode ... How to
write chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric v0.6 using the Java language ... Eclipse
IDE; Docker and Docker Compose; Gradle; Linux command line ... IBM® Bluemix
® is a choice for developers who just want to write code and not ...

Developer Central:Python Programmability in SPSS Statistics ...

i want to develop Python in Eclipse with the PyDev Plugin. ... When i write spss.
then the methods are displayed. ... I develop something in Eclipse and start the
programm in it. ... in the interactive window. ... spss.Submit("some command") ...
and cannot get the spss module code completion to work correctly.

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