Use Python to write plug-ins for GIMP

Mar 29, 2011 ... You can instantiate the GIMP-Python scripts from inside GIMP itself, or you can
use GIMP's batch mode to start it from the command line. ... Python is an object-
oriented scripting language that allows you to write code that runs on many
different platforms. ... You can also run the Python console in Eclipse.

Build Perl applications with Eclipse

Jan 17, 2006 ... The problem is you tend to spend most of your day switching between Emacs
and the command line, and it gets worse if you are doing Web development, as
you have to switch between Emacs, your command line, and your Web browser
as you write, execute, and check logs for information. Surprisingly ...

Command-line processing with getopt()

May 2, 2006 ... Read on to learn how to use getopt() to record your command-line arguments in
a global structure that can then be used throughout your program whenever ...
Before you start. The sample code included with this article (see Downloadable
resources) was written in Eclipse 3.1 using the C Development ...

Run automated Selenium JUnit tests

Oct 30, 2012 ... Much like running a Rational Functional Tester automated test remotely from
Rational Quality Manager, you can now run Selenium tests. ... Supported
languages are Java, Ruby, Python, and C#. .... When you start the adapter for the
first time, it needs to be started from the command line with arguments.

Introduction to Pyjamas, Part 1: Exploit the synergy of GWT and Python

Mar 9, 2010 ... Examples include unit tests, print statements, and Python debugger (pdb, a
command-line debugger). You can even use Eclipse's Python support for
debugging. Keep in mind that you can write Pyjamas applications that run as
native Python applications. You do not have to translate Pyjamas applications ...

Using the Ruby Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse

Oct 11, 2005 ... Go to a command prompt and type ruby -v. If you get a version number, you are
ready to go. If not, you need to install Ruby. Check out the distributions for your
platform of choice. Installation is simple. For example, to install Ruby on a Debian
-based Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, enter the following on a ...

Build an Eclipse development environment for Perl, Python, and PHP

Feb 3, 2009 ... Integrate the Octave interpreter. Display the interpreter's output in the console.
The first task deals with the Octave script editor. There's a lot to learn about this
subject, but before you start coding, let's take a step back and look at how DLTK
editors work. Much of this discussion applies to all Eclipse text ...

Making the most of Eclipse

2011 IBM Corporation. Making the most of. Performance tip. If Eclipse runs slowly
, try adding this switch to the command line or shortcut: eclipse –vmargs –
Xms256M. This starts the Java virtual machine with 256MB of RAM. Eclipse loads
plug-ins only when you need them, but it can start to slow down if you use lots of

Build RESTful Web services and dynamic Web applications with the ...

Jun 30, 2009 ... The batch program can be implemented using Ruby, Python, Pearl, or Java code.
... Next run source c:/ncarUsers/db/setup.sql in the command-line tool to create
the database (ncar_users), a MySQL user (tutorial) with the password (tutorial),
and tables for ... Create Web project ncarUsers in Eclipse--Step 1.

Use Elasticsearch in your Java applications

Mar 8, 2016 ... Introduction; Prerequisites; Using cURL for REST commands; Using
Elasticsearch from Java code; Conclusion; Downloadable resources; Related
topics ... To insert a document for "Deck the Halls" into the index, run this
command (type this and the tutorial's other cURL commands as a single line): ...

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