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I have small difficulties to define objective function of my model on python. My obj
,func is more complicated but can you teach me how can I do that on the
objective function of following facility location problem; I checked the python
library of IBM but could not find similar example which has the same type of ...

Using regular expressions in SPSS - SPSS Predictive Analytics

Aug 22, 2014 ... SPSS has a native set of string manipulations that will suffice for many simple
situations. But with the ability to call Python routines, one can use regular
expressions (or regex is often used for short) to accomplish more complicated
searches. A post on Nabble recently discussed extracting zip codes from ...

Python API

linear_constraints.delete(range(ID_start, ID_start+ID)). and. linear_constraints.
delete(ID_start, ID_start+ID-1). The former will delete rows one-by-one (i.e., it is
essentially equivalent to [linear_constraints.delete(i) for i in s]). It is especially bad
because the rows are re-indexed for each call. The later will do a ...

Python script for war deployment in WebSphere Application Server

Hello IBM! I have a question on application redeployment using wsadmin tool
and Python scripts. Any help is greatly appreciated. Our WAS administration team
provided us script for application re-deployment. In the script, when invoking
update function in 'AdminApp' object,. Web Server name, and Web ...

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Mar 29, 2017 ... Re: Python. Jun 14, 2017 in response to j.gann 270000SSYT. Yes you can use
wbem. I have been working on status monitoring via cim and zabbix using python
and pywbem. Check out examples for Zabbix, Nagios and similar e.g. ...

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Re: LazyConstraint Callback Problem ,Python. Aug 31, 2017. This is the
accepted answer. This is the accepted answer. What version of CPLEX do you
use? What function do you use to "print something at every integer node"? In any
case, usually the lazy constraint callback will be called not only for integer ...

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Hi all, I have a data situation where my data file is littered with HTML tags in
Variable Labels and Value Labels. Otherwise, all the information is fine. I am able
to strip the HTML tags from Variable Labels using Python and regex fairly simply:
BEGIN PROGRAM . clean names/labels. vdict=spssaux.

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Hi all, I have some problem with execution time of linear_constraints.add()
function with cplex python API. I work on very large problems (usually with likely
650k binary + 200k real variables and and 1M of linear constraints), I already
optimized, calling that function only one time, using a list of variables ...

Python Wordcount Extension Breakdown

Sep 9, 2015 ... After we begin the program, we import three SPSS modules as well as 're' which
is the Python module for regular expressions. In [ ]:. begin program. import re,
spss, spssdata, spssaux # Import Regular Expressions and. SPSS Modules.
Once the libraries are imported, we declare a set of words that will not ...

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I had the same problem that the Python cannot be installed by re-installing the
software and check Python 2.7 when modifying the software. When I check the
Edit-Options-File Locations tab, the Python section is greyed out (please see
attached screenshot). It looks like a full reinstall is required, but it might ...

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