Create successful Python projects

Jan 10, 2012 ... Creating a successful open source Python project involves more than just writing
useful code. It's about community engagement, increasing ...

Simplify your Watson development with Python SDK

May 11, 2016 ... If you find a bug, please submit the issue in GitHub directly, on the python-sdk
project page. If you are having difficulties using the APIs or have ...

Writing clean, testable, high quality code in Python

Sep 28, 2010 ... Writing clean, testable, high quality code in Python ... Often in failed, or troubled,
software development projects, the software was developed in ...

Python testing frameworks: Make your life easy with a Python testing ...

May 5, 2009 ... The days of the Wild West are coming to their end in the world of Python testing. It
was not many years ago that nearly every project built with ...

How to run a opl project(Cplex) by Python API ? - dWAnswers

Dear all, I have one project OPL, for example, abc.mod, abc.dat,. ... As far as I
know, there is no Python interface for OPL. I can see two options:.

Python APIs: The best-kept secret of OpenStack

Jun 19, 2013 ... Learn how to use these Python bindings to greatly simplify the process ... An
OpenStack project (for example, Compute Service ( nova ), Identity ...

Create Python apps with IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix ...

If you're a Python developer who wants to learn how to add IBM® Watson™
cognitive services to your applications, you've come to the right place.

QISKit API | developerWorks Open

The lightweight QISKit API is a thin Python wrapper around the Quantum
Experience ... The QISKit open source project is designed to enable researchers
and ...

From scripting to object-oriented Python programming

Jul 14, 2008 ... Because of Python's popularity, though, PHP and Bash scripters who are ... be
able to jump into object-oriented Python projects without fear.

Easy and beautiful documentation with Sphinx

Nov 29, 2011 ... Although Sphinx is written in Python and was originally created for the .... in the
terminal. index.rst: The root of the documentation project.

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