Introduction to Jython, Part 2: Programming essentials

Apr 8, 2004 ... Jython is an implementation of Python that has been seamlessly integrated with
the Java platform. Python .... If you allocate any resources in the __init__ method
(or any other method), you need to ensure they are released before the object is
deallocated. ..... Undo some (or all) commands in LIFO order """.

Using SPSS Modeler Scripting To Execute Streams Interactively ...

Sep 29, 2015 ... In order to present the user with the categories, we are going to generate a
simple UI (user interface). Since Modeler scripting uses Jython, a Java
implementation of the Python language, we will use Java's Swing UI library.
Swing is a complex and powerful library (which SPSS Modeler also uses for its UI
) ...

Intro to Jython, Part 1: Java programming made easier

Apr 8, 2004 ... Jython is an implementation of Python that has been seamlessly integrated with
the Java platform. Python is a ... Unlike a Python program, a Jython program can
run in any environment that supports a JVM. Today ..... Thus, the sequence from
the previous section could be coded in a source file as follows:.

Python Analytic Executables API Reference

Class Documentation. Ae Class Reference. The primary AE interface. General
Member Functions. ▻ __init__(self). The object constructor. ▻ didClassRun(
Class). Determines if the class was run. ▻ getRequestHandlingStyle(Class).
Gets the request handling style. ▻ run(Class). Runs the AE Class. ▻ close(self).

IBM Smarter Process Security

Nov 11, 2016 ... Lines 10 and 11 declare overlays divs that can hide the main page in order to
display the OIDC / OAuth 2.0 authentication and consent. ..... My little helper has
a constructor that accepts a single String parameter (access_token) and
assembles a HTTP header names Authorization with a value of Bearer ...

Big data serialization using Apache Avro with Hadoop

Oct 29, 2013 ... See Related topics to download libraries for other implementations, such as
Python, Ruby, PHP, or C#. ..... public Automobile() {}. /**. * All-args constructor. */.
public Automobile(java.lang.CharSequence modelName,. java.lang.
CharSequence make, java.lang.Integer modelYear,. java.lang.Integer ...

The Clojure programming language

Sep 22, 2009 ... Clojure by example; Example 1: Working with sequences; Example 2: Laziness is
a virtue; Closures in Clojure; Example 3: Using Java technology ... Many popular
choices, such as Groovy, Ruby (via JRuby), and Python (via Jython), allow for a
more procedural, scripting style of programming, or they have ...

Build an Eclipse development environment for Perl, Python, and PHP

Feb 3, 2009 ... Now that you've configured the editor's extension, the first order of business is to
create the OctaveEditor . Thanks to the DLTK, it won't require .... Scanning text
inside partitions. The constructor of the ScriptSourceViewerConfiguration calls
initializeScanners() to create the scanners needed to analyze text.

Application development for the OLPC laptop

Dec 18, 2007 ... The XO also includes an application environment written in Python with a human
interface called Sugar, accessible to everyone (including kids). Explore the Sugar
APIs and learn ... applications and modes. Table 1 lists several important control
sequences that you can use to easily switch between modes.

HTTP server push with WebSocket and SSE

May 5, 2017 ... WebSocket and SSE are two leading server push solutions for real-time
streaming in web and mobile applications, but how do they compare? A Python
web app highlights the strengths and limits of each protocol, then gets you over
the hump of troubleshooting connection issues in the WebSocket frontend.

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