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Get started with MongoDB on IBM Power Systems running Linux

Jul 22, 2016 ... MongoDB on IBM Power Systems running Linux is an ideal solution for
managing big data workloads. Learn how to install MongoDB and begin using it
with your application and data set today.

Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) environment on IBM Power Systems

Feb 13, 2017 ... Perform the following steps to install and configure RHV components on an IBM
Power® server: Install RHEL7.3 LE as the host operating system (OS) and then
install the virtualization components. After Installing the RHEL host, subscribe to
the following channels using Red Hat login IDs to install the ...

Open Source POWER Availability Tool

Aug 4, 2016 ... The Open Source POWER Availability Tool (OSPAT) is a search engine that was
designed to help you find open source packages that are available on the IBM
POWER architecture. The results provide the package name and version and the
Linux distribution that supports the package. Launch OSPATAsk ...

Little endian and Linux on IBM Power Systems

Jun 16, 2016 ... Two years ago, I published my first FAQ about the Linux on IBM® Power Systems
™ strategic shift from big endian to little endian and I still get questions about it
today. The questions listed below are either updates since the first FAQ was
published or new ones I've been asked. If you do not see an answer ...

Performance of Scylla running on IBM Power Systems

Oct 23, 2017 ... This article describes the tests that were done with IBM POWER processor-based
servers, the performance results, and the value of IBM POWER processor-based
servers for Scylla. A team of experts from IBM and ScyllaDB set out to
demonstrate the value of running ScyllaDB on an IBM® POWER8® ...

Why Linux on Power?

May 7, 2014 ... Running your Linux-based applications on IBM® Power® hardware offers a
powerful blend of performance, reliability, and security. In this article, you will be
exposed to many of the strategic advantages that IBM Power Systems™ can offer
and you might be surprised by the low cost of the various ...

Installing CentOS 7.2 on IBM Power System S822LC for high ...

Feb 17, 2017 ... If you are installing Linux on your IBM® Power® System S822LC server, then the
instructions in this article can help you to start and run your system. These
instructions are specific to installing CentOS 7 on an IBM Power System S822LC
server for high-performance computing (HPC). Prerequisites.

Setting up Apache OpenWhisk on IBM Power on a single-node, on ...

Aug 30, 2017 ... OpenWhisk has significantly gained popularity as the cloud-first distributed event-
based programming service. In this article, we discuss about the enablement of
OpenWhisk for IBM Power servers. It also provides the configurations needed to
start an OpenWhisk cluster in an all-in-one Ubuntu cluster ...

Dynamic logical partitioning for Linux on POWER

Sep 29, 2005 ... With logical partitioning (LPAR), IBM servers that feature the POWER processor
can support multiple system requirements in a single machine. LPAR provides
the capability for server consolidation, which helps optimize system resources
and reduce system complexity. On servers featuring the POWER5 ...

Mesos and Kubernetes on a hybrid (IBM Power and x86 ...

Oct 3, 2016 ... However, they differ greatly in their approaches. Always, our customs have a
hybrid architecture that includes IBM® Power® and x86. So, this article provides
the reference solutions about how to apply Mesos and Kubernetes into Linux on
a hybrid architecture (including Power and x86) environment.

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