Using XPath with PHP

Sep 27, 2011 ... XPath is a W3C standard whose sole purpose is just that -- getting to the right
data element, or, specifically, the desired node. PHP supports XPath as part of its
XML classes and functions. In this article you explore some basic scenarios for
locating information in XML and how XPath can do the hard work for ...

XML for PHP developers, Part 2: Advanced XML parsing techniques

Mar 6, 2007 ... 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. <? php. $ doc = new DOMDocument;. // We don't want to
bother with white spaces. $doc->preserveWhiteSpace = false;. $doc->Load('book
.xml');. $xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);. // We start from the root element. $query
= '//book/chapter/para/informaltable/tgroup/tbody/row/entry[. = "en"]';.

dW:XML:XQuery and XPath forum:return even if empty - XQuery and ...

I have a problem with a xpath where if a value is empty, it skips it, throwing my
data out of order.. like so: .... td's where there and just had a null value, but this
happens ALOT where certain td's are missing if the content is not available, so
things get out of order. since Im using php and firefox, its XPATH 1.0.

PHPXPath を使用する

2011年10月28日 ... イントロダクション; 前提条件; XPath の必要性を理解する; XPath の基礎知識; XPath
式を作成する; PHP での XPath のサポートについて理解する; PHPXPath を扱う;
XPath を使用して変換を行う; まとめ; ダウンロード可能なリソース; 関連トピック; コメント

dW:XML:XQuery and XPath forum:XPath Selection Issue with PHP ...

Hi there. I am desperately trying to get the inner content of the 'content' node with
XPath which will be displayed as HTML later. XML Code: <someroot> <content>
<p>blah<em>blah</em>blah</p> <h1>Heading</h1> <!-- ... rest of HTML content
--> </content> </someroot> XPath Query with PHP and ...

SimpleXML processing with PHP

Oct 10, 2006 ... As long as you have a good idea of your document's structure, such expressions
are easy to write. However, if you don't know exactly where the elements of
interest appear (as might be the case in Docbook, HTML, and similar narrative
documents), SimpleXML can use XPath expressions to find the ...

dW:XML:XQuery and XPath forum:simple xpath syntax question ...

Jun 1, 2010 ... I am using xpath through a php application. $xml = simplexml_load_file( "/
somePath/Adressen.xml"); $data = $xml->xpath( "//adressname[contains(.,'Ci')]");
foreach( $data as $t) { echo $t. " "; } This works but gives me some duplicate
entries. I've read that there is a distinct-values() function in XLST2.0 ...

dW:XML:XQuery and XPath forum:In what context do I use xQuery ...

Jan 26, 2010 ... Hi all, I am new to the open source programming world after 20 years working
with other languages like cobol, dbase, and more recently Microsoft ASP.NET. I
am studying PHP, JavaScript and XML data manipulation. I have spent quite a bit
of time looking at xQuery as it appears to be the answer to my task ...

XPath を使用して Google Calendar イベントを PHP Web サイトに表示 ...

2007年11月27日 ... フリーランスの Web 開発者として働いていた何年か前、ある特定の自動車モデルの
オーナーとファンで構成されるコミュニティー (通称、カー・クラブ。私が住んでいる辺り
ではとても人気があります) のために PHP で駆動する Web ポータルを開発したことが
あります。私に連絡してくる数年前、カー・クラブのリーダーたちは基本的な ...

Reading and writing the XML DOM with PHP

Dec 6, 2005 ... XML has always had a lot of hype and confusion surrounding it. However, it's not
as difficult as you think it is -- especially in a great language like PHP. When you
understand and implement XML properly, you'll find there are a lot of powerful
tools you can use. XPath and XSLT are two such tools that are ...

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