SimpleXML processing with PHP

Oct 10, 2006 ... Discover the SimpleXML extension, which is bundled with PHP version 5 and
enables PHP pages to query, search, modify, and republish XML in a PHP-
friendly syntax.

XML for PHP developers, Part 2: Advanced XML parsing techniques

Mar 6, 2007 ... PHP5 offers an improved variety of XML parsing techniques. James Clark's Expat
SAX parser, now based on libxml2, is no longer the only fully functional game in
town. Parsing with the DOM, fully compliant with the W3C standard, is a familiar
option. Both SimpleXML, which you saw in Part 1 (see Related ...

Using XPath with PHP

Sep 27, 2011 ... You can enable DOM with PHP by installing it as an extension. Extensions such
as DOM are typically painless to install and enable. Many times it is just a case of
uncommenting a single line in your php.ini file to enable the already compiled
module. Like SimpleXML, DOM loads the full XML document tree ...

XML for PHP developers, Part 1: The 15-minute PHP-with-XML starter

Feb 27, 2007 ... This first article of a three-part series introduces PHP5's XML implementation and
helps those relatively new to using XML with PHP to read, parse, and manipulate,
and write a short and uncomplicated XML file using the DOM and SimpleXML in
a PHP environment.

Validating XML in PHP

Nov 10, 2009 ... Introduction; Why XML validation? Simple XML parsing in PHP; Simple XML
validation in PHP; Conclusion; Downloadable resources; Related topics;
Comments ...

XML for PHP developers, Part 3: Advanced techniques to read ...

Mar 13, 2007 ... This final article in a three-part series discusses more techniques for reading,
manipulating, and writing XML in PHP5. In it, you will focus on the now familiar
APIs DOM and SimpleXML in more sophisticated surroundings, and, for the first
time in this three-part series, on the XSL extension.

PHP での SimpleXML 処理

2006年10月10日 ... PHP のバージョン 5 にバンドルされた SimpleXML エクステンションについて学
びましょう。SimpleXML エクステンションを使うと、PHP ページで XML をクリエリーし、
検索し、修正し、そして PHP で使いやすい構文で再公開することができます。

WebSphere:WebSphere sMash Forum:is SimpleXML available in ...

I need to parse an xml string in PHP (disclaimer: I'm fairly new to PHP), but so far I
haven't been able to use SimpleXML to parse it. I've tried to use the xml_parse
but have gotten nowhere. I would had expected SimpleXML to be included in
zero.php, but it doesn't seem to be the case. any help would be ...

Pull parsing XML in PHP

Jan 30, 2007 ... PHP 5 introduced XMLReader , a new class for reading Extensible Markup
Language (XML). Unlike SimpleXML or the Document Object Model (DOM),
XMLReader operates in streaming mode. That is, it reads the document from start
to finish. You can begin to work with the content at the beginning before ...

Use the YouTube API with PHP

Apr 15, 2008 ... The YouTube video sharing site allows Web application developers to access
public content through its REST-based developer API. The SimpleXML extension
in PHP is ideal for processing the XML feeds generated by this API and using
them to build customized PHP applications. This article introduces ...

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