Five common PHP design patterns

Jul 18, 2006 ... Editor's note: See the follow-up article "Five more PHP design patterns" to learn
about five additional design patterns that you might find useful. Design patterns
were introduced to the software community in Design Patterns, by Erich Gamma,
Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides (colloquially ...

Five more PHP design patterns

Mar 25, 2008 ... PHP V5's object-oriented features give you the ability to implement design
patterns to improve your code's design. When you improve your code's design in
this way, it becomes more readable, more maintainable, and more robust to
absorb changes.

Build seven good object-oriented habits in PHP

Oct 28, 2008 ... For more information about the benefits of OO design that are language-
independent, see Related topics. The seven good PHP OO habits are: Be modest
. Be a good neighbor. Avoid looking at Medusa. Embrace the weakest link. You're
rubber; I'm glue. Keep it in the family. Think in patterns.

PHP V5.3 invigorates object-oriented programming with late static ...

Feb 15, 2011 ... PHP V5.3 resolved a number of object-oriented programming (OOP) issues with
its late static binding (LSB) feature. Find out how LSB fixes some of PHP's OOP
coding issues and learn how to implement some well-known object-oriented
design patterns that require the use of LSB.

Pull parsing XML in PHP

Jan 30, 2007 ... Rather than being told what the parser sees when the parser sees it, you tell the
parser when to go fetch the next piece of the document. You request content
rather than react to it. Another way of thinking about it: XMLReader is an
implementation of the Iterator design pattern rather than the Observer design ...

PHP configuration patterns

Aug 29, 2006 ... This article demonstrates several ways to create configurable PHP applications. It
also discusses the ideal configuration points in an application, and finding the
balance point between an application that is too configurable and one that is too

5 つの共通 PHP デザイン・パターン

2006年7月18日 ... デザイン・パターンがソフトウェア・コミュニティーに発表されたのは、「ギャング・オブ・
フォー」として知られるErich Gamma、Richard Helm、Ralph Johnson、そして John
Vlissides 共著の『DesignPatterns』のなかです。序文で紹介されている、デザイン・
パターンの背後にある中心的概念は単純なものです。何年にもわたる ...

Design Patterns e o Desenvolvimento em PHP - Chain of ...

28 jul. 2010 ... Neste artigo sobre Design Patterns e o Desenvolvimento em PHP vamos
desmitificar o conceito de padrão de projeto e apresentar casos de uso em
situações reais com as quais os desenvolvedores do mercado deparam no
decorrer de seu dia-a-dia. Definição O que são design patterns? " Um padrão de

Patterns - IBM Integration

Feb 11, 2015 ... Pattern Authoring – Lab 4: Using PHP and Java: Create a pattern that includes a
new Compute node and associated ESQL, which are be added to the generated
message flow if the pattern selects the “database logging” option. This enables a
pattern user to dynamically change the message flow logic, ...

XQful - Design Pattern for RESTful service with storing XQuery

Although It's just a design pattern, I named it. ... Actual implementation can be
built on any platform with any language, such as PHP, Groovy, Ruby, C# etc. ...
This article only deals with the search function using the GET method; However
you can implement POST, PUT, DELETE using the same pattern so that you can

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