Debugging techniques for PHP programmers

Nov 29, 2005 ... Explore various methods for debugging PHP applications, including turning on
error reporting in Apache and PHP, and by placing strategic ...

Command-line PHP? Yes, you can!

Mar 13, 2007 ... Learn how to debug PHP code from the command line and examine the
strengths of PHP as a shell scripting language unto itself.

Debugging PHP using Eclipse and PDT

Jun 17, 2008 ... Learn how to configure PDT for debugging PHP scripts and discover which
perspectives you use when taking closer looks at your scripts.

Seven great PHP IDEs compared

Oct 10, 2006 ... Debugging: Another handy feature is integrated debugging. With this functionality
, you can set breakpoints in the editor at which the PHP ...

Information Management:DB2 Application Development:PHP ...

Sep 20, 2006 ... This is a great article on the developerWorks site about debugging PHP. http:// Log in to ...

Squash bugs in PHP applications with Zend Debugger

Nov 13, 2007 ... A special application called a debugger probes running code, allowing you to ...
Learn how to use a debugger to squash bugs in your PHP code.

Debugging with the Eclipse Platform

May 1, 2007 ... Find out how to use the built-in debugging features in the Eclipse ... Debugging is
something programmers can't avoid. ... PHP debugger.

Refine and debug PHP applications with syslog

Oct 16, 2007 ... Refine and debug PHP applications with syslog. PHP version of venerable UNIX
syslog offers a simple, effective debugging tool. From the ...

Starting to use ODBC with PHP

May 24, 2011 ... A beginner's guide to universal database connectivity using PHP ..... rendering of
the results but can be useful when prototyping or debugging: ...

Recommended PHP reading list

"Debugging techniques for PHP programmers": Explore various methods for
debugging PHP applications, including ...

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