UML Activity Diagrams: Detailing User Interface Navigation

Apr 29, 2004 ... The use of Activity Diagrams often leads to the creation of large and ... one model
to another (e.g., sequence diagrams and class diagrams).

UML basics: The component diagram

Dec 15, 2004 ... In my previous article on the UML's class diagram, (The Rational Edge,
September ... In component-based development (CBD), component diagrams
offer .... developWorks Rational software · Rational Test Workbench Web UI
Tester ... are logical and so there is not a one to one physical mapping to Java.

Strategies for managing reference data in a business rules ...

Feb 13, 2013 ... Requires developing Java classes to access the data source. .... A sample B2X
mapping for domain value .... Figure 11 presents a possible user interface layout,
where three buttons are offered to load a list of values, add a ...

Create an Eclipse-based application using the Graphical Editing ...

Mar 27, 2007 ... Create an Eclipse-based application using the Graphical Editing Framework ...
for mapping the model to its view and for making changes to the model. .... The
first figure is the title box for the class, while another figure is ... public class
DiagramContentsEditPart extends AbstractGraphicalEditPart {. protected ...

Rational:IBM Rational Rhapsody:Exporting Diagrams to HTML - IBM ...

... I'm trying to export 100+ Object Model Diagrams as a single, linked element. ...
I have therefore created 100+ OMDs that trace our GUI layout and features. ... can
take some time but is the only way to develop or tweak a template, ... reports with
clickable image maps you need to edit the Rhapsody.ini file to ...

Bring data together with OpenLayers

Feb 15, 2011 ... Screenshot of the example application showing a menu of interactive options ot
the left and a .... CLASS. NAME 'roadtrl020'. STYLE. WIDTH 2. COLOR 255 0 0 ...
However, using your own HTML layout to place and render navigation ... Set up
your map GUI controls (vs. using OpenLayers built-in controls).

Join the Web Components revolution with Polymer

Sep 2, 2014 ... A companion tutorial, "Create reusable custom web components with ... Drop-in
responsive layout with the <core-scaffold> Polymer component .... Last but not
least, the <div> with the content class is distributed (the Web .... The complex map
UI handling is baked into the component, and you get it for free.

Getting started with the Rational Rhapsody API

OK – I used findNestedElement to get the package/class/other element that I want
to add new elements to. What methods do I .... So any application you write will
include a line like the following: .... Map<String,String> theMap = new HashMap();
..... When you create a diagram with the API, the graphical representation is not.

Dear Dr. Use Case: What About Function Points and Use Cases?

Aug 15, 2002 ... Function points rely heavily on the physical layout of the system (for example ...
for estimating development effort and includes an estimation framework ... "This
applies to the analysis level; there could be several more classes when you ... the
geographic mapping GUI in a command and control (C2) project.

Developing a custom Java module

Sep 12, 2008 ... This tutorial will use as a working example a simple mapping module ...
STSModule is the extension point interface class that STS modules must
implement. .... GUIXML describes the configuration data for a STS module. .....
NOTE: There are three available page layout modes: 'init', 'self' and 'partner'.

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