UML Activity Diagrams: Detailing User Interface Navigation

Apr 29, 2004 ... from The Rational Edge: The author illustrates how to use UML Activity Diagrams
to capture and communicate the details of user interface navigation and ... the
cohesive capability inherent in UML ? to translate and connect concepts from one
model to another (e.g., sequence diagrams and class diagrams).

Create an Eclipse-based application using the Graphical Editing ...

Mar 27, 2007 ... A straightforward GEF application is an editor for drawing diagrams. (Here,
diagram means just a picture, not class diagram.) A diagram can be modeled as
some shapes. A shape might have properties for location, color, etc., and may be
a group structure of multiple shapes. There are no surprises here, ...

Rational:Functional and GUI Testing:Sharing Object Map ...

Aug 24, 2006 ... I am developing something very generic that can be used for generating test
scripts in a different application for RFT. we have succeeded in doing the same
for Rational Robot, Winrunner, Compuware Test Partner and QTP 8.2. Now I am
lookin for way to make all the objects in the OBject Map available to ...

UML basics: The class diagram

Sep 15, 2004 ... from The Rational Edge: As the most important example of the new structure
diagram type in UML 2, the class diagram can be used by analysts, business
modelers, developers, and testers throughout the software development lifecycle.
This article offers a comprehensive introduction.

Implement a single-page application with Angular 2

Dec 14, 2016 ... Graph: Number of questions on web frameworks. View image at full size ... You
define a component's application logic — what it does to support the view inside
a class. The class interacts with the view ..... The code in Listing 4 provides a
mapping between the GUI and the URL path. For example, when the ...

UML basics: The component diagram

Dec 15, 2004 ... In my previous article on the UML's class diagram, (The Rational Edge,
September 2004), I described how the class diagram's notation set is the basis
for all UML 2's structure ... In component-based development (CBD), component
diagrams offer architects a natural format to begin modeling a solution.

Rational:IBM Rational Rhapsody:Exporting Diagrams to HTML - IBM ...

I'm new to Rhapsody and I'm trying to export 100+ Object Model Diagrams as a
single, linked element. I have two ... I have therefore created 100+ OMDs that
trace our GUI layout and features. Is there a way ... For instance, in the
Architecture OMD below each break is symbolized by an individual GUI block.

Introducing IBM Rational Software Architect

Improved usability makes software development easier. From the
developerWorks archives. Kunal Mittal ... You'll learn how to use Rational
Software Architect to create simple class and use-case diagrams, as well as how
to generate code from the class diagrams. Finally, it briefly covers how you can
perform an ...

Prison Management System

2.8 Class Diagram. 8. 2.9 Architecture diagram. 9. 2.10 Assumptions and
Dependencies. 10. 3. Specific Requirements. 3.1 Supplementary Requirements.
10. 4. Concerns ... XML: Extensible Markup Language used for mapping between
request and ... Servlet: Used for Dynamic and interactive web development
system. 1.5.

Rational Rhapsody API Reference Manual

API Reference Manual. Hierarchy of API Interfaces. The class diagram depicts
the hierarchical relationships between the API interfaces. The application (
IRPApplication) is the top-level object of the Rational Rhapsody object model.
The hierarchy of the API interfaces is as follows: IRPApplication. IRPASCIIFile.

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