Lotus Notes Calendar and Scheduling explained! Part 1

Oct 18, 2004 ... Calendar and Scheduling (C&S) is one of the most popular and widely used
features in Lotus Notes. This two-part article series takes a close look at C&S and
how its major components work together. In Part 1, we discuss the internal
workflow of C&S, and how the preferences you select affect its ...

Enabling calendar ghosting in IBM Lotus Notes V8

Jun 12, 2007 ... This tip introduces the calendar ghosting feature in IBM Lotus Notes V8 and
provides instructions for enabling it. Calendar ghosting allows users to interact
with unprocessed entries right on their calendars.

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 iCalendar: Interoperability, implementation, and ...

Mar 10, 2009 ... IBM® Lotus® Notes® 7.02 introduced the ability to import a public calendar in
iCalendar format. Earlier, Lotus Notes 6.0 introduced the use of iCalendar as a
calendar workflow exchange between applications or systems using Simple Mail
Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Customers interacting with different ...

Discover the power of Calendar Delegation in Lotus Notes

Feb 27, 2006 ... Learn how to setup and use the Calendar Delegation feature in the Lotus Notes
client to grant another Notes user access to your mail file and act on your behalf.

Lotus Notes Calendar and Scheduling explained! Part 2

Oct 25, 2004 ... In Part 1 of this article series, we looked at how Lotus Notes Calendar and
Scheduling (C&S) preferences work and how they affect C&S operations. In Part
2, we turn our attention to C&S components such as Schedule Manager,
autoprocessing, and the workflow behind To Do functionality. We also discuss ...

Building Lotus Notes/Domino calendar applications

May 24, 2005 ... Many people use the Lotus Notes calendar 'right out of the box.' But did you know
you can also incorporate calendar features into your own custom-built
applications? This article explains how.

Removing invitations from your Inbox but not your Calendar

Jun 4, 2002 ... Have you ever accepted a meeting invitation, then deleted the invitation from
your Inbox only to find that nothing was added to your Calendar? Lotus Notes
maintains only one instance of a document, so when you delete a meeting
invitation from your Inbox, you also delete it from your Calendar. To keep ...

Finding available time in IBM Lotus Notes V8 using the Scheduler UI

Aug 14, 2007 ... IBM Lotus Notes V8 greatly improves the user experience, including its
enhancements to the free-time lookup feature on the meeting invitation. In
previous Lotus Notes releases, the Scheduler user interface (UI) did not provide
much flexibility. Lotus Notes V8, however, lets users select subsets of ...

Syncing IBM Connections Events with your Notes Calendar (Sam ...

Jul 18, 2014 ... When you select an event, you can click "Will Attend" I'd like to have a calendar
entry in my Notes calendar so 1) I'll remember to go! and 2) no one will schedule
a meeting over this time. Today I discovered that you can configure a new
Calendar in Notes and point it at an iCal feed for Connections. You can ...

REST services in Domino - Domino Access Services (PDF)

LotusScript. Customer solutions using. Notes Java API. Customer solutions using
. C / C++. Customer solutions using. REST. Customer solutions using. SSJS ...
2013 IBM Corporation. Domino Access Services (DAS). □ Domino data service.
Calendar service. □ Mail service. □ Other services we are discussing ...

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