C API programming for Lotus Notes/Domino

Feb 1, 2005 ... Learn the ins and outs of programming with the Lotus Notes/Domino C API. This
article explains several important features found in the C API toolkit and offers
working examples you can adapt to your own needs.

REST services in Domino - Domino Access Services (PDF)

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Service ...

Understanding the automation test framework of Lotus C API toolkit

Mar 10, 2009 ... The Lotus C API toolkit contains more than 700 test cases, and the number is
increasing with the delivery of new releases of Lotus Notes and Domino.
Because it is impossible to test cases one by one, the toolkit team designed and
developed an automation testing framework to improve efficiency.

Java access to the Domino Objects, Part 1

Jul 1, 2003 ... Getting at the Domino Objects from Java can be a trying experience if you set off
without some of the basic knowledge gathered in this article. Not only must the
code be precise, but so must client and server environments. This article first
covers the basics of local and remote access then addresses access ...

Using IBM Lotus Domino in a Microsoft .NET application

Sep 5, 2006 ... This article examines Lotus Domino integration with the Microsoft .NET
development platform; in particular, Lotus Domino 7, the Microsoft .NET
Framework V1.1, and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 are discussed. This
article assumes that you are an experienced Notes/Domino application
developer ...

Integration with Lotus Notes

Community > Forum > Topic: , so how to use Lotus notes api from my 64-bit
application? 2. Is there any lotus notes static ... Hi, We developed a net backup
application in Windows platform to "Backup/Restore lotus notes NSF. Comment:
Make use of NSF to PST file converter to know how to recover and export NSF file
to ...

Security APIs in Notes/Domino 7.0

Jul 26, 2005 ... Take a sneak peek at the new encryption/decryption APIs offered by Lotus Notes
and Domino 7.0.

IBM developerWorks : Collaboration : Develop

Build collaborative desktop, mobile, and Web applications for IBM Notes and
Domino with this free rapid application development solution, featuring XPages,
which lets you use HTML, CSS, and ... Toolkits that let you control Domino
components using the C API. ... A toolkit that extends LotusScript with custom
C++ classes.

Overview - Programming with IBM(Lotus) C API Notes/Domino

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Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 mail with Eclipse

May 8, 2007 ... Now that you have selected the Lotus Notes runtime as the platform, you can
create the new plug-in, set the dependencies, and then write code against them.
By making Lotus Notes the target platform, you have all Eclipse, Lotus Expeditor,
and Lotus Notes APIs and extensions available. In the Package ...

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