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IBM Notes Live Text Widget Export Plug-in ... IBM C and C++ API Toolkits for
Notes and Domino ... A toolkit that extends LotusScript with custom C++ classes.

Integration with Lotus Notes

Community > Forum > Topic: , so how to use Lotus notes api from my 64-bit
application? 2. Is there any lotus notes static ... Hi, We developed a net backup ...

REST services in Domino - Domino Access Services (PDF)

LotusScript. Customer solutions using. Notes Java API. Customer solutions using
. C / C++. Customer solutions using. REST. Customer solutions using. SSJS.

Security APIs in Notes/Domino 7.0

Jul 26, 2005 ... Take a sneak peek at the new encryption/decryption APIs offered by Lotus Notes
and Domino 7.0.

Understanding the automation test framework of Lotus C API toolkit

Mar 10, 2009 ... To learn more about the Lotus C API toolkit and its programming, refer to Lotus C
API Toolkit for Lotus Notes and Domino documentation and ...

Using IBM Lotus Domino in a Microsoft .NET application

Sep 5, 2006 ... Beginning with Lotus Notes and Domino 5.02b, Domino objects are accessible
through COM by using Lotus Domino Objects, which is included ...

Building PHP-based UIs for IBM Lotus Domino

May 9, 2006 ... Discover how you can interact with Lotus Domino databases from Web ... from
PHP pages using a COM object, the Lotus Notes API, and XML.

Developing a composite application in IBM Lotus Notes to integrate ...

Jun 10, 2008 ... ... composite application in IBM® Lotus® Notes® 8.0 that integrates the
calendars in Google and Lotus Notes, based on the Atom API and ...

Lotus Notes/Domino のための C API プログラミング

2005年2月1日 ... Lotus Notes/Domino C API によるプログラミングの詳細を理解しましょう。この記事
では、C API toolkit の重要な機能をいくつか説明し、ニーズに応じた ...

A technical overview of the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino busytime system

Apr 12, 2005 ... This article explains how the Notes Calendar and Scheduling (C&S) busytime
system works internally, with a look at features introduced in ...

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