Creating standard response documents in Lotus Notes

Feb 8, 2005 ... Knowledge of the Notes formula language and/or LotusScript is ... Design a new
form on which the standard response documents are based.

Building Lotus Notes/Domino calendar applications

May 24, 2005 ... Many people use the Lotus Notes calendar 'right out of the box. ... To create a
form, click the New Form button or select the Create - Design ... Be sure to set the
data type, formula, and other properties for each field on the form.

Notes Designer 4.6: New Web design features

Sep 3, 1997 ... Notes Designer for Domino 4.6 is the first step towards a true Web design client.
... Create buttons on forms with formulas behind them. ... into active links,
supports text colors from the full Lotus color palette, and allows users to ...
Whenever you design a new form, document, view, or navigator, you can now ...

Lotus Notes Application design & programming

in lotusscript / formula / java / javascript / C or C++. ○ Can be used for. ○ ... File-
Application-New/Open ... Alias of design elements - Input Form | IF. ○. Design ...

Compose a new document with that relates to the parent - An IT ...

Oct 7, 2011 ... There are two ways to achieve this, Lotus formula or LotusScript. ... An IT learning
Domino Designer ... This post will describe the process of opening a new
document and adding details from the parent. ... This will save the field data from
the current form, open a new form, and set the appropriate field.

The hidden power of Profile documents

Dec 1, 1997 ... Each time a user creates a new mail memo, Notes checks the settings in ... There
is nothing magical about the form used for creating profile documents. ... If you
prefer scripts to formulas, use LotusScript routines to create and ...

Revealing the hidden secrets of "hide-when"

Sep 1, 2000 ... Most Notes formulas are by their nature "show-whens"-the formula displays
something to the user ... If the client type is "Web,"then hide this form. ... You might
want to give users a set of radio buttons to choose a department name when they'
re creating ..... Lotus Customer Support Technote #158231 reports:.

IBM Forms Experience Builder Community : JavaScript Functions

This section is dedicated to custom JavaScript functions that you can use within
FEB. ... Validate Field By Pattern · Recursive Function to Walk all Items in a Form/
Object · Calculate Duration · Calculate Sum of Fields · Multiply ... Usage Notes. 1.

XPages straight up

Jan 12, 2010 ... But if you are new to Lotus Domino Designer, form and view design .... apply a
Lotus Notes URL of the form shown in the following formula (this ...

Inside Notes

REPRESENTATIONS ... form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent
of Lotus ...... interpreted languages that Notes supports: the Notes Formula
Language, ...

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