Common threads: Sed by example, Part 1

Sep 1, 2000 ... In this series of articles, Daniel Robbins will show you how to use the very
powerful (but often forgotten) UNIX stream editor, sed. Sed is an ...

Common threads: Sed by example, Part 2

Oct 1, 2000 ... Sed is a very useful (but often forgotten) UNIX stream editor. It's ideal for batch-
editing files or for creating shell scripts to modify existing files in ...

Extracting text using sed and regular expressions (Linux/UNIX/AIX ...

Sep 16, 2012 ... In this posting, I'll use an example scenario of needing to parse the free ...
Extracting text using sed and regular expressions (Linux/UNIX/AIX).

Common threads: Sed by example, Part 3

Nov 1, 2000 ... In my second sed article, I offered examples that demonstrated how sed ... to the "
tac" command that's included with most Linux distributions.

Learn Linux, 101: Text streams and filters

Aug 26, 2009 ... Use the material in this tutorial to study for the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1:
Linux ... You also learn how to use the stream editor sed.

Introduction to text manipulation on UNIX-based systems

Mar 14, 2012 ... This introduction to text manipulation on UNIX platforms provides an overview of
some ... Example of grep - counting number of matches in files: ...

Learn Linux, 101: Search text files using regular expressions

Feb 3, 2010 ... In the tutorial "Learn Linux 101: Text streams and filters," we introduced sed , the
stream editor, which is another standard tool that uses regular ...

Save time with text editing one-liners

Jan 16, 2007 ... Fast editing examples using cat, ed, and sed ... Most UNIX® developers settle on
Emacs, vi, or one of the many variants, offshoots, and clones ...

Linux sort command - Sort lines of text files (Real world Linux)

Dec 7, 2012 ... While going through an article on Linux text processing commands, I came
across Linux sort command. I found this command interesting ...

Know your regular expressions

Jun 14, 2007 ... You can build and test regular expressions (regexps) on UNIX(R) ... pattern on
every line, the grep command outputs every line in the input file.

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