Capturing screen shots and program interaction on UNIX and Linux ...

Apr 26, 2011 ... Modern UNIX systems provide a number of different tools to capture graphical
screens and single windows. This article, the final of three-part series, focuses on
graphical tools that are available for most Linux and UNIX systems. These tools
make it easy to capture graphical portions of the screen to help ...

Capturing screen shots and program interaction on UNIX and Linux ...

Jun 22, 2010 ... Taking screen shots and capturing interaction between a program and user is
something that all technical writers, most developers, and many technical
marketing staff need to do. Modern UNIX systems provide a number of different
tools to capture the text-oriented interaction between a user and a specific ...

Capturing screen shots and program interaction on UNIX and Linux ...

Apr 19, 2011 ... All modern Linux® and UNIX® systems provide some sort of graphical desktop,
which usually includes at least one graphical screen capture utility—most often
one that is specific to a particular desktop environment. For example, GNOME
provides gnome-screenshot, and KDE provides KSnapshot.

nmon for Linux v16 - New Stats, On-screen Facelift & more (AIXpert ...

Jan 11, 2016 ... Over the Xmas break I have been busy improving nmon and this is a summary.
Below is a summary with pictures: 1 New Performance Statistics GPU First for the
OpenPOWER people using the Nvidia GPUs within the S822LC (Firestone)
machines we have the Graphical Processor Units and a previous ...

5 Tips for Troubleshooting Screen Sharing with Linux & Connections ...

Nov 21, 2016 ... There are a great number of reasons why screen sharing on Linux can fail. Below
are five things I recommend that you check to start with if you're having issues
with screen sharing when using Connections Cloud Meetings. If it still fails after
that, open a support ticket for more personalized help. #1: Try ...

Install a touchscreen for Linux

Dec 6, 2005 ... If you took the easy route for hooking up the LCD, your screen may be
recognized automatically when the Linux OS boots; if so, you are ready to set up
the touchscreen. If you took the more difficult route, or if your LCD wasn't
automatically recognized, you may need to build a custom modeline. Various ...

Easy Linux screen captures with ffmpeg (Walden's Ponderings)

May 3, 2012 ... This time it's with video capture of the screen for doing demos. I know that a lot of
people use Camtasia and such for Windows, but that's not available in Linux-- at
least not that I've found. As it turns out there is a very straightforward way of
capturing video and audio using ffmpeg. Thanks to Alexandru Csete ...

Speaking UNIX: Stayin' alive with Screen

Feb 10, 2009 ... The original version of Screen was released more than 10 years ago, so chances
are your system has the utility—typically named /usr/bin/screen. However, if your
system lacks Screen, it is easily installed from your distribution's package
manager. For example, if you use a variant of Debian Linux®, such as ...

Agent Builder - workspace screen not responding on Linux/UNIX ...

Problem: The Agent Builder workspace screen does not respond on a Linux or
UNIX system over a Cygwin Xserver. When you start Agent Builder, the options
on the workspace screen are unavailable and you are unable to complete any
actions. Cause: an issue can happen with Eclipse interaction with the ...

Recover from a failed Linux boot

Oct 22, 2013 ... If your Linux computer fails to boot after a kernel upgrade, disk swap, or other
system change, you're not helpless. ... Screen capture of the simple GRUB text-
mode menu displaying your boot options. In ... When you're done, press Ctrl-x or
F10 to boot, as the prompt at the bottom of the screen reminds you.

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