Python for system administrators

Sep 4, 2007 ... Adopt Python to manage UNIX(R) systems while incorporating ... These
examples were run on Python 2.5 running on a Linux® box, but they ...

Intro to Python for Data Science - Linux on Power

May 24, 2017 ... Data scientists need to know how to code, and Python is the most useful and
versatile programming language for doing data science.

Data Science Fundamentals: Intro to Python (Denver) - Linux on ...

Jun 13, 2017 ... In this six-week part-time course, you'll learn how to program for the field in
Python and be better prepared to learn data science like a ...

IBM Services Assets : Installing Python MQ on Linux RHE

Dec 11, 2016 ... Introduction. This document explains how to install Python MQ Interface (PyMQI)
in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Python is an attractive language.

Evening of Python Coding - Linux on Power

Aug 16, 2017 ... Galvanize will be hosting python coders on the third Wednesday every ... or if you
just want to consult with python experts you are welcome.

Scripting the Linux desktop, Part 2: Scripting Nautilus

Feb 16, 2011 ... This series of articles explores how to use Python to create scripts for the ... This
content is part 2 of 2 in the series: Scripting the Linux desktop.

Data Science Fundamentals: Intro to Python - Linux on Power

Data Science Fundamentals: Intro to Python. KerstenRichter. Published on June
6, 2017 / Updated on June 9, 2017 ...

Facial Recognition in Python - Linux on Power

Jun 20, 2017 ... Categories. Cognitive · Data & Analytics · Meetup · Workshop. Attend this IBM
Watson workshop to learn about facial recognition in Python with ...

Overview - My developerWorks feedback

Tips. Arrange the sections on this page to see the updates you care about most at
the top. Or, use the Recent Updates view in the community navigation to view ...

The Linux on Power Community : Porting from Intel x86 to Power ...

Jan 26, 2017 ... Porting from Intel x86 to Power systems running Linux .... A Python interpreter in a
Linux x86_64 machine can translate that same Python code ...

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