Getting Started with Linux Performance on IBM POWER

Apr 8, 2016 ... References, links, packages? – Answers to common performance questions. –
Best tools, metrics. – Configuring CPUs and SMT. – What is my CPU
consumption? – What is my working memory consumption (out of memory?) –
Am I paging, and if so, what process is paging? – What about NUMA effect on ...

Numa Archives - Linux on Power

NumaTOP on PowerPC. by RaviBangoria on Oct 19, 2017 in From the
developers. NUMA In the early days of computing, multiple processors were
connected to the memory by using a system bus. This model is known as
Symmetric... Continue reading NumaTOP on PowerPC ...

IBM developerWorks : Linux : Linux on z Systems : Development ...

To download the linux-4.3.tar.gz visit:
The upstream kernel 4.3 contains the following functionality developed by the
Linux on z Systems development team: Summary: With this feature, you can use
NUMA emulation to automatically assign system memory and CPUs to logical ...

The Linux on Power Community : Linux on Power - System Tuning

Linux on Power - System Tuning. 0 people like this. |Updated Jan 6, 2017 by
KerstenRichter0600014Y85|Tags: None. Page Actions ▽. This article has moved
! Check it out in the Linux on Power developer center at:
com/linuxonpower/docs/linux-on-power-system-tuning/. Comments (0); Versions
(4) ...

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cpus 18-23 on numa node 3. As a result of this issue, software utilities (that
depend on libnuma) are not able to detect the correct number of hardware
threads, hence are not able to launch the right number of software threads.
Please advise. Edit: machine info: - Ubuntu 15.04. - Linux 3.19.0-15-generic.

What do we check on a new system? (News around the Linux on ...

Jan 12, 2012 ... ... each NUMA node is balanced:" cat /sys/devices/system/node/node*/meminfo |
grep MemTotal echo -e "\nCheck how the free memory for each NUMA node is
balanced:" cat /sys/devices/system/node/node*/meminfo | grep MemFree echo -e
"\nCheck for any HugePage usage:" grep Huge /proc/meminfo.

Communities category:The PowerLinux Community:NUMA on Intel ...

Anyone have better technical answer about how Power compares to NUMA
which as far as I can tell is mostly a x86 design (some others) for optimizing
memory usage and speeding up performance? I found one small reference to the
fact that Power uses a shared memory bus different then NUMA ...

NumaTOP on PowerPC - Linux on Power developer portal

Oct 19, 2017 ... NUMA. In the early days of computing, multiple processors were connected to the
memory by using a system bus. This model is known as Symmetric
Multiprocessor (SMP). In this model, the distance to any memory location was the
same for all processors. The major bottleneck in an SMP-based system is ...

Linux on Power - system tuning - Linux on Power developer portal

Nov 18, 2016 ... Answer: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (
SLES) 12. For IBM Power Systems logical partitions (LPARs), the hypervisor (
PowerVM) attempts to optimize partition placement to mitigate non-uniform
memory access (NUMA) effects, such as when the LPAR is running on a ...

Communities category:The PowerLinux Community:Ram usage per ...

Hi All,. I have power8 machine and I need to monitor memory consumption per
numa node during execution of a program. I know there are different utilities like
vmstat and other through which we can monitor ram consumption of complete
system but I need to know how much RAM is consumed per numa ...

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