Anatomy of the Linux kernel

Jun 6, 2007 ... Given that the goal of this article is to introduce you to the Linux kernel and
explore its architecture and major components, let's start with a short ...

GCC hacks in the Linux kernel

Nov 18, 2008 ... The Linux kernel uses several special capabilities of the GNU Compiler
Collection (GCC) suite. These capabilities range from giving you ...

LPI exam 201 prep: Linux kernel

Aug 29, 2005 ... Welcome to "Linux kernel," the first of eight tutorials designed to prepare you for
LPI exam 201. In this tutorial, you will learn how to compile and ...

Linux kernel advances

Mar 24, 2009 ... At the end of 2008, the 2.6.28 kernel surfaced. Subsequently, the merge window
for the next release—2.6.29—opened. As the Linux kernel ...

Kernel APIs, Part 1: Invoking user-space applications from the kernel

Feb 16, 2010 ... The Linux system call interface permits user-space applications to invoke
functionality in the kernel, but what about invoking user-space ...

User space memory access from the Linux kernel

Aug 11, 2010 ... In Linux, user memory and kernel memory are independent and implemented in
separate address spaces. The address spaces are virtualized, ...

Kernel APIs, Part 3: Timers and lists in the 2.6 kernel

Mar 30, 2010 ... The Linux kernel includes a variety of APIs intended to help developers build
simpler and more efficient driver and kernel applications. Two of ...

Tivoli Monitoring : Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machines Agent

The Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machines agent is packaged with other IBM Tivoli
Monitoring for Virtual Environment agents. On Passport Advantage and ...

TASK_KILLABLE: New process state in Linux

Sep 30, 2008 ... Linux kernel 2.6.25 introduced a new process state for putting processes to sleep
called TASK_KILLABLE, which offers an alternative to the ...

Update linux kernel on GPFS clients - dWAnswers

When I upgrade the linux kernel (yum -y update via redhat sattelite) on ... Yes,
before updating your Linux kernel module, you need to check if the ...

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