Linux stat command with examples (Real world Linux)

Jul 21, 2012 ... The Linux command 'stat' is used for displaying status information of Linux files
and file systems. In this article, we will discuss the usage of stat command with
examples. stat command syntax The syntax of stat command is : stat [OPTION]...
FILE... stat command examples 1. A basic example In the simplest ...

Linux killall command explained with examples (Real world Linux)

Jun 24, 2012 ... There are various commands/utilities available in Linux for doing this. One such
command is 'killall'. Lets discuss the 'killall' utility in this article through some
examples. Before jumping on to the examples, lets briefly take a look at it s
description from the man page : DESCRIPTION : killall sends a signal to ...

Linux 'who' command with examples (Real world Linux)

Aug 6, 2012 ... As a Linux user, sometimes it is required to know some basic information like :
Time of last system boot List of users logged-in Current run level etc Though this
type of information can be obtained from various files in the Linux system but
there is a command line utility 'who' that does exactly the same for ...

How to use 7zip on Linux command Line (Real world open source)

Sep 9, 2012 ... As an end user, I have personally used 7zip many times and found it better than
many other fellow archivers especially when compressing files into a 7z format.
Its a great tool to have in your kitty so I decided to write a basic tutorial on how to
use 7zip through Linux command line. 7zip is distributed...

Linux sort command - Sort lines of text files (Real world Linux)

Dec 7, 2012 ... While going through an article on Linux text processing commands, I came
across Linux sort command. I found this command interesting enough to read
more about it and try out some of it's examples. So here in this article, I'll share my
understanding on Linux sort command through some examples. Before ...

Learn Linux, 101: Use basic SQL commands

Feb 24, 2016 ... Learn how to query databases and manipulate data by using basic SQL
commands. You can use the material in this tutorial to study for the LPI 102 exam
for Linux system administrator certification, or to learn for fun.

Linux netstat command explained with 10 examples (Real world ...

Aug 25, 2012 ... The netstat command in Linux is a very useful tool when dealing with networking
issues. This command is capable of producing information related to network
connections, routing tables, interface statistics etc. This utility also helps the
network administrators to keep an eye on the invalid or suspicious ...

Know about your Linux system using uname command (Real world ...

Sep 7, 2012 ... Well. sometimes you get stuck as you don't know where to search for kernel
release in Linux. What if you knew a Linux command that can provide most of
your system related information quickly? So, In this article, we will discuss the
Linux 'uname' command (through examples) that serves exactly the same ...

Db2 Basics: Getting to know the Db2 UDB command line processor

Mar 10, 2005 ... The Db2 UDB command line processor (CLP) represents an interface through
which you can conveniently access Db2 UDB functions. The CLP accepts
commands or SQL statements from a Db2 command line. On Linux and UNIX®-
based systems, this is the command line of a Db2 instance. On Windows® ...

Useful Linux command examples - Part I (Real world Linux)

Sep 22, 2012 ... Some one who uses Linux should know at least some basic commands that are
required every now and then to accomplish trivial tasks. So, In this article, we will
discuss a few commonly used (but must know) Linux commands with an example
for each. 1. Linux ps command This command is used to ...

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