dW:IBM developer solutions:General Parallel File System (GPFS ...

We are using GPFS 3.5.0-12 on a cluster that contain both Linux (Centos 6) and
Windows (HPC 2008 R2) nodes. Although the document mention that Windows
DACL are converted internally to SACL, it appears that in practice, there are
differences between ACL created from a Windows node and ACL ...

Configure iSCSI Target & Initiator on RHEL7 or PowerLinux (Munshi ...

Apr 6, 2015 ... Nothing to do. To verify the initiator name on the client system (as per the acls):. [
root@rhel7dns02 ~]# cat /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi. InitiatorName=iqn.2015-03.
com.example:clientlun1. To discover the target (sendtargets or st):. [root@
rhel7dns02 ~]# iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p rhel7dns01.example.com.

ACL/permission issues on a mixed Windows/Linux GPFS clusters

And here is another strange sequence I've seen on a different cluster: 1. On a
linux host under GPFS root folder as root user: 1a. create dir DIR1. 1b. put simple
ACL to that folder, like: #NFSv4 ACL #owner:root #group:root #ACL flags: #
DACL_PRESENT special:everyone@:rwxc:allow:FileInherit:DirInherit

Windows ACL

Hello,. We have a mixed environment with both Linux and Windows GPFS clients
accessing the same filesystem. From Linux, we have a directory with permissions
3770. This gives rwx access to members of the group ad the set-gid bit ensures
that new file are created with the same group so anyone can ...

Ensure effective administration and security in Rational ClearCase ...

Jun 14, 2013 ... IBM Rational ClearCase release 8.0.1 introduces access control lists (ACLs),
which simplify the security of your versioned object bases (VOBs). This article
advises administrators on ACL definitions and management, with a focus ...
Listing 9. Reprotecting all elements from one rolemap to another on Linux ...

IBM Spectrum Scale Security Blog Series: Authorization - Storage ...

Jul 6, 2016 ... IBM Spectrum Scale supports Access Control Lists (ACLs) to provide fine-grained
access control to files and directories. While the file system supports two .... can
also query the same ACL. Given a Linux system that has the NFSv4 export
mounted on the /test directory, the same ACL can be queried through:

Authenticating Linux users with IBM Directory Server

Feb 10, 2005 ... Set entryowner of this entry to the user "self," so the user will be able to change
the password. For more information about Directory Server ACL, refer to the
Directory Server documents. After adding some users, start the Directory Server
server to be ready to serve for Linux users authentication.

LPI exam 301 prep: Topic 303: Configuration

Mar 4, 2008 ... In this tutorial, Sean Walberg helps you prepare to take the Linux Professional
Institute Senior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-3) exam. In this third in a ...
Looking at the BNF for an ACL, an ACL entry consists of the literal string "access
to", followed by an item called "what" that is defined somewhere else.

Guide to porting from Solaris to Linux on POWER

Feb 15, 2005 ... Get an introduction to the development environment for Linux running on IBM
POWER processor-based systems, and see how Sun's compiler/linker switches
compare with those of GNU GCC and the IBM native compiler. Finally ... acl, facl,
N/A, Gets or sets a file's Access Control List (ACL). adjtime, N/A ...

Rational:Rational ClearCase:Scheduler's ACL has only READ ...

"works as designed" from the scheduler man page: In ClearCase, root (UNIX and
Linux) or a member of the ClearCase administrators group (Windows) always
has Full access to the scheduler on the local host (the computer where that user
is logged on). So you need to have somebody with those access ...

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