Kernel APIs, Part 3: Timers and lists in the 2.6 kernel

Mar 30, 2010 ... The Linux kernel includes a variety of APIs intended to help developers build ...
Simple kernel timers are implemented using the timer wheel.

Implement lower timer granularity for retransmission of TCP

Oct 9, 2007 ... Reduce the overhead of per-tick processing with a timer wheel algorithm that
implements the retransmission timer. The AIX(R) Transmission ...

Anatomy of real-time Linux architectures

Apr 15, 2008 ... Discover the various real-time Linux alternatives and how they achieve real time
... In other words, the system must be deterministic to guarantee timing ... This
control system samples the speed of each wheel on a vehicle and ...

Embedded Linux applications: An overview

Aug 1, 2001 ... After a survey of Embedded Linux applications and their environments, ... generic
capabilities, which, in order to avoid re-inventing the wheel, are built with ... task
switching and timer services to a full-blown server supporting a ...

Linux: Lean, clean, and green

May 26, 2009 ... Along with several corporate partners, the GNU/Linux operating system ... color;
1.44MB floppy disk drive (for boot floppy, if needed); Scroll wheel mouse ....
Typically, a kernel sets off a timer interrupt about every 4ms to check ...

リアルタイム Linux アーキテクチャーの徹底調査

2008年4月15日 ... Linux は遅いわけでも効率性に欠けるわけでもありませんが、速いだけでは ...
Enforced Timing Behavior」では、時分割リソース (CPU、ネットワーク、 ...

Robots, mazes, and subsumption architecture

Dec 4, 2007 ... Examples of effectors are wheels and arms. ... You might also use a timer
variable to keep track of how many ticks of the clock you've ..... interesting
Roomba hacks: making your Roomba sing and draw, installing Linux ®on it, ...

Customization and Configuration Guide For the POWER7 750

Power on Wheels VIO Server Configuration: . ... Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server.
...... Several load statistics may be choosen with pluggable timers .

AIX Virtual Processor Folding is Misunderstood (AIXpert Blog)

Aug 8, 2011 ... ... the numbers of CPUs you want to peak too - so it does not have to compete for
CPU time with other LPARs at the end of the dispatch wheel.

Linux system development on an embedded device

Mar 1, 2002 ... This overview of embedded development on Linux will help you make sense of it
all. ... Setting up traps; Initializing interrupts; Initializing timers; Initializing ...
embedded devices -- keypads, sensors, and roller wheels also are ...

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