The Java XPath API

Jul 25, 2006 ... Querying XML from Java programs. XPath expressions are much easier to write
than detailed Document Object Model (DOM) navigation code.

Java bytecode:

Jul 1, 2001 ... This article gives you an understanding of Java bytecode that will enable you to
be a better programmer. Like a C or C++ compiler translates ...

Python basics for PHP developers

Feb 9, 2010 ... Are you an experienced PHP developer who needs to learn Python? This article
approaches the world of Python development from a PHP ...

Java programming dynamics, Part 1: Java classes and class loading

Apr 29, 2003 ... This article kicks off a new series covering a family of topics that I call Java
programming dynamics. These topics range from the basic structure ...

Java programming with JNI

Mar 26, 2002 ... This tutorial describes and demonstrates the basic and most commonly used
techniques of the Java Native Interface -- calling C or C++ code ...

Real-time Java, Part 1: Using Java code to program real-time systems

Apr 10, 2007 ... This article describes the key challenges to using the Java language to develop
systems that meet real-time performance requirements.

IBM developerWorks : IBM's resource for developers and IT ...

Get started with Blockchain · Get started with Cloud · Get started with Cognitive ·
Get started with IoT · Get started with Java ...

Improve modularity with aspect-oriented programming

Jan 1, 2002 ... With the recent release of AspectJ by Xerox PARC, Java developers can now
take advantage of the modularization AOP can provide.

Advanced Facelets programming

May 9, 2006 ... ... up his immensely popular introduction to Facelets with more advanced ways to
bridge the gap between Java Server Faces (JSF) and EL.

Practically Groovy: Metaprogramming with closures ...

Jun 23, 2009 ... Enter into the world of metaprogramming, Groovy-style. The ability to add new
methods to classes dynamically at run time -- even Java classes, ...

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