How to resolve java Exceptions ? :java.awt.HeadlessException ...

Jun 3, 2011 ... java.awt.HeadlessException I have seen this Exception being encountered by
many applications, which use UI (AWT/Swing) APIs . When is ...


TeamWorksException: java.awt.HeadlessException at com ... Hi Folks.. I' am
trying to parse the body of an email through a java program. The java code will.

Getting java.awt.HeadlessException while executing a Jframe object ...

checkHeadless:-1' java.awt.HeadlessException: at java.awt.
GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Window.

WebSphere:IBM Business Process Manager:java.awt ...

com.lombardisoftware.core.TeamWorksException: java.awt.HeadlessException
at com.lombardisoftware.core.TeamWorksException.

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:java.awt ...

I am getting this error thrown on the 6.1 server when Running on SunOS java.awt
.HeadlessException at sun.awt.HeadlessToolkit.

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:java.awt ...

Does anyone know what does this Exception mean ? java.awt.
HeadlessException at java.awt.dnd.DropTarget.<init>(

Pinned topic Do IBM 1.4 JRE's support java.awt.headless=true?

I'm using IBM's 1.4.1 VM on AIX, and it throws a HeadlessException when I try to
perform certain ... codeException in thread "main" java.awt.

Rational:Functional and GUI Testing:Playback causes java.awt ...

java.awt.HeadlessException (see full stack trace below) Factors to consider: The
error happens when it tries to execute the TextGuiTestObject.

I see this message "Frame unable to display: java.awt ...

I see this message Frame unable to display: java.awt.HeadlessException in my
Websphere log file.

My app is working fine on local server,but it is showing headless ...

Exception thrown by application class 'java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.
checkHeadless:-1' java.awt.HeadlessException: at java.awt.

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