Java theory and practice: Managing volatility

Jun 19, 2007 ... Volatile variables in the Java language can be thought of as " synchronized lite";
they require less coding to use than synchronized blocks and ...

Java theory and practice: Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 2

Mar 30, 2004 ... This month, he reveals how the semantics of volatile and final will change ... JSR
133 was formed, charged with fixing the Java Memory Model.

5 things you didn't know about ... multithreaded Java programming

Nov 9, 2010 ... I estimate that roughly half of all Java developers know that the Java language
includes the keyword volatile . Of those, only about 10 percent ...

Javaの理論と実践: volatile を扱う

2007年6月19日 ... Java 言語に元々含まれている同期機構として、synchronized ブロック (およびメソッド)
volatile 変数の 2 つがあります。どちらも、スレッド・セーフに ...

Java theory and practice: Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 1

Feb 24, 2004 ... In this installment of Java theory and practice, Brian Goetz shows how the
semantics of volatile and final will be strengthened in order to fix the ...

JVM concurrency: Java and Scala concurrency basics

Mar 25, 2014 ... The Java Language Specification for Java 5 corrected and formalized the
operation of synchronized and volatile . The specification also ...

dW:Java:Multithreaded Java programming:volatile vs threadlocal ...

Oct 2, 2007 ... hi guys, in what scenarios would you consider the use of threadlocal to be
superior to simply making the data volatile? is there performance ...

Double-checked locking and the Singleton pattern

May 1, 2002 ... Double-checked locking is one such idiom in the Java programming ... Another
idea is to use the keyword volatile for the variables inst and ...

dW:Java:Multithreaded Java programming:Regarding "volatile ...

Aug 11, 2005 ... Hi, Friends i found myself unable to differentiate b/w normal variables and those
declared as volatile for eg. no difference found b/w "int i" and ...

Java theory and practice: Building a better HashMap

Aug 21, 2003 ... This content is part of the series:Java theory and practice .... consistency of
memory operations across threads -- synchronized and volatile .

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