Handling memory leaks in Java programs

Feb 1, 2001 ... Memory leaks in Java programs? Absolutely. Contrary to popular belief, memory
management is still a consideration in Java programming. In this article, you'll
learn what causes Java memory leaks and when these leaks should be of
concern. You'll also get a quick hands-on lesson for tackling leaks in ...

Java theory and practice: Plugging memory leaks with weak ...

Nov 22, 2005 ... While programs in the Java language are theoretically immune from 'memory
leaks,' there are situations in which objects are not garbage collected even
though they are no longer part of the program's logical state. This month,
sanitation engineer Brian Goetz explores a common cause of unintentional ...

Memory leak detection and analysis in WebSphere Application Server

Aug 2, 2006 ... Here is a primer on memory leaks in Java applications, with information on the
motivation, scope, and usage for tools designed to address these issues within
IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Java theory and practice: Plugging memory leaks with soft references

Jan 24, 2006 ... Garbage collection might make Java programs immune to memory leaks, at least
for a sufficiently narrow definition of "memory leak," but that doesn't mean we can
totally ignore the issue of object lifetime in Java programs. Memory leaks in Java
programs usually arise when we pay insufficient attention to ...

Diagnosis of Java class loader memory leaks

Oct 18, 2013 ... We will learn basic concept of class and class load mechanism, generate class/
classloader leaks and diagnose problems with a variety of artifacts such as Java
heap dump, Java class trace and IBM Javacore with IBM ClassLoader Analyzer.

Be careful when diagnosing Java memory leaks (Kevin Grigorenko's ...

Aug 2, 2011 ... I was recently at a customer who believed that they had a Java memory leak.
They compared heapdumps and couldn't find anything. They had experienced
production OutOfMemoryErrors (OOMs) before (for a different reason), and they
were so worried about what they perceived, that they increased the ...

Memory leaks analysis of Bluemix Liberty for Java Application with ...

Mar 17, 2017 ... The memory leak/consumption analysis should be added to Continuous Delivery
Process and get detection of memory leaks early in development life cycle. What
is Heap Dump? A heap dump is a snapshot of the memory of a Java process.
The heap dump contains information about the Java objects and ...

Java heap memory leak or sizing problem? (Application Integration ...

Oct 8, 2014 ... Because of this, WebSphere users and moderators may incorrectly accuse the
largest heap consumer as a memory leak. If a Java™ heap is sized too small, an
out of memory error will occur regardless if a memory leak exists. The leak
suspect shown in IBM HeapAnalyzer or Memory Analyzer (MAT) will ...

Memory leak detection and analysis in WebSphere Application Server

Jun 28, 2006 ... This article provides a high level overview of the techniques available in IBM
WebSphere Application Server to address Java heap memory leaks.

Solving memory problems in WebSphere applications

Jun 27, 2007 ... In Web applications based on WebSphere Application Server, memory utilization
can impact system performance significantly. One of the most common memory
problems is memory leak, which causes severe performance degradation. In
theory, memory leaks should not happen in Java™ because it has ...

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