Java theory and practice: Hashing it out

May 27, 2003 ... In this installment of Java theory and practice, Java developer Brian Goetz shows
you the rules and guidelines you should follow when creating Java classes in
order to define hashCode() and equals() effectively and appropriately.

Javaの理論と実践: ハッシュの徹底

2003年5月27日 ... 今回の記事では、Java開発者であるBrian Goetz氏が、Javaクラスの作成時に
hashCode() と equals() を効果的かつ適切に定義するために従うべき規則と

WebSphere:WebSphere Commerce:AddressAccessBean throwing ...

[9/6/13 12:55:38:678 CDT] 00000350 RemoteExcepti E CNTR0019E: EJB threw
an unexpected (non-declared) exception during invocation of method "
findByPrimaryKey". Exception data: java.lang.NullPointerException at

WebSphere:WebSphere Application Server:Seeing deadlocks when ...

Name: DEAG_ISO20022FileIOGateway - Outbound Thread #0. State: BLOCKED
on java.util.Collections$SynchronizedSet@2d682d68 owned by:
OFCLVGateway - Inbound Thread #0. Total blocked: 14 Total waited: 2. Stack
trace: java.util.Collections$SynchronizedSet.hashCode(

Java theory and practice: To mutate or not to mutate?

Feb 18, 2003 ... Some mutable objects will change their hashCode() value depending on their
state (like the StringHolder example class in Listing 2). If you use such a mutable
object as a HashSet key, and then the object changes its state, the HashSet
implementation will become confused -- the object will still be present ...

Faster Java coding in Eclipse Galileo

Aug 18, 2009 ... Learn how to use the new toString() code-generation ability in Eclipse Galileo
along with hashCode(), equals(), and setter/getter generation to cut down on the
amount of work that goes into building the foundation of a Java class.

WebSphere:WebSphere JavaServer Faces (JSF):Terminating a ...

Error 500: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session Object Internals: id :
6LlFwoMJSCsfczkEF9Hoeuq hashCode : 1953818604 create time : Mon Nov 26
15:34:20 SGT 2007 last access : Mon Nov 26 15:41:09 SGT 2007 max inactive
interval : 1800 user name : anonymous valid session : false new session ...

Absence of unsigned in Java... - Java Technology Community Blog ...

Jun 7, 2011 ... Since in Java, there is no way to assume an int to be unsigned, one may try using
long. . long hash ( long key ) { return key * 2654435761L; } But, this ... long
hashcode = 0; return (( hashcode | imd ) & 0x00000000FFFFFFFFL); } ... which is
apparently right. . . Is there a better looking Java code possible ?

Rational Cafe:EGL Cafe:EGL:Version mismatch - How is hashcode ...

Nov 19, 2007 ... The hashCode has the value: 0x00006a4c. In the WebSphere log the Cobol
hashCode is logged as: -926365496 and the java Bean as: 27212. The value :
27212 is equal to x'6a4c' but the value -926365496 I don't understand. What do I
do wrong ? Environment: RAD -WDz 6.0.1 fix6. Error in ...

Rational Cafe:EGL Cafe:Version mismatch - How is hashcode in ...

The webtrx is deployed as a CICS Cobol pgm on a z/OS CICS TS, and I have
checked that the load module on the CICS is the right one.<br /> <br /> The
hashCode has the value: 0x00006a4c<br /> In the WebSphere log the Cobol
hashCode is logged as: -926365496 and the java Bean as: 27212<br /> The
value : 27212 is ...

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