Java theory and practice: Generics gotchas

Jan 25, 2005 ... Generic types, added in JDK 5.0, are a significant enhancement to type safety in
the Java language. However, some aspects of generics may seem confusing, or
even downright bizarre, to first-time users. In this month's Java theory and
practice, Brian Goetz examines the common pitfalls that ensnare ...

Java theory and practice: Going wild with generics, Part 2

Jul 1, 2008 ... Wildcards can be very confusing when it comes to generics in the Java language,
and one of the most common mistakes is to fail to use one of the two forms of
bounded wildcards ('super T' and '? extends T') when needed. You've made this
mistake? Don't feel bad, even the experts have, and this month ...

Diagnosing Java code: Java generics without the pain, Part 1

This article introduces generic types and the features to support them scheduled
for inclusion in Tiger, Java version 1.5, scheduled for release late in 2003. Eric
Allen offers code samples that illustrate the ups and downs around generic types
by focusing on such Tiger features as limitations on primitive types, constrained ...

Java theory and practice: Going wild with generics, Part 1

May 6, 2008 ... One of the most complicated aspects of generics in the Java language is
wildcards, and in particular, the treatment and confusing error messages
surrounding wildcard capture. In this installment of Java theory and practice,
veteran Java developer Brian Goetz deciphers some of the weirder-looking error

Don't repeat the DAO!

May 12, 2006 ... With the adoption of Java 5 generics, the idea of a generic typesafe Data Access
Object (DAO) implementation has become feasible. In this article, system
architect Per Mellqvist presents a generic DAO implementation class based on
Hibernate. He then shows you how to use Spring AOP introductions to ...

Introduction to generic types in JDK 5.0

Dec 7, 2004 ... 'This tutorial introduces generic types, a new feature in JDK 5.0 that lets you
define classes with abstract type parameters that you specify at instantiation time.
Generics increase the type safety and maintainability of large programs. Follow
along with frequent developerWorks contributor and Java ...

Java theory and practice: The pseudo-typedef antipattern

Feb 21, 2006 ... The addition of generics to the Java language complicated the type system and
increased the verbosity of many variable and method declarations. Because no '
typedef' facility was provided for defining short names for types, some developers
have turned to extension as a 'poor man's typedef,' with less ...

Unit 20: Generics

Sep 14, 2016 ... Learn how type erasure works to enable Java Generics in this step-by-step
recipe and video demo. JDK 5.0 (released in 2004) introduced generic types (
generics) and the associated syntax into the Java language. Basically, some then
-familiar JDK classes were replaced with their generic equivalents.

java generics Archives - developerWorks TV

Gosling Moves to AWS, Project Jigsaw Pieces Coming Together, and Java
Language Type Erasure! by jstevenperry on 2017-06-01 in Featured, Java News
& Code. Gosling hired by AWS (he's still got it!), Project Jigsaw pieces are coming
together, and Java language type erasure, on this episode of Java News...
Continue ...

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These should get you started and beyond: Generics Tutorial; also available in
HTML format in the latest The Java Tutorial. Introduction to generic types in JDK
5.0; developerWorks tutorial. Generic Types, Part 1 and Generic Types, Part 2.
Java Generics FAQ Amazingly complete FAQ by Angelika Langer.

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