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Some Practical tips to pass Java Certification like OCAJP and OCPJP. 1. Write
Code every day. 2. Read a Good Study Book There is no better companion than
a good study book if you are preparing for Java certifications. They cover all the
exam topics, give practice questions at the end of the chapter, and ...

What is the cause of " ...

CertPathValidatorException: Certificate chaining error; nested exception is: javax.
net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: PKIX path building failed: PKIXCertPathBuilderImpl could not
build a valid CertPath.; internal cause is:

Where can we find out the Java Certificate expiration information ...

Most of these products already have newer releases that use an updated digital
certificate. Users will need to upgrade to these releases to avoid running with an
expired Java certificate. The below technote was recently released to address
this issue. Updating IBM ECM products that use Java security ...

WebSphere:WebSphere Application ...

In one of the implementation of the web application we are using WAS - ND 7.0.
0.0.21. The web application is making a external web service call via HTTPS. The
SSL certificate is a self signed certificate. we have a cluster environment where
there are two app server nodes and two web server nodes.

Java security: Java security, Part 1: Crypto basics

Jul 19, 2002 ... JCE (Java Cryptography Extension); JSSE (Java Secure Sockets Extension);
JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service). JDK 1.4 also introduces
two new functions: JGSS (Java General Security Service); CertPath API (Java
Certification Path API). JCE, JSSE, and the CertPath API are the subject ...

Rational Application Development certification prep, Part 6 ...

Apr 11, 2006 ... This is the sixth in a series of seven tutorials created to help you prepare for the
IBM Certification Test 255, Developing with IBM Rational Application Developer
for WebSphere Software V6. Using breakpoints and other features of the Debug
Perspective, step through Java code to find possible code ...

How to resolve the exception - ...

Main$ Source) at Source).
Solution : Clear the old certificate by going into Control panel -> Java Control
Panel -> Security(tab) ->Manage Certificates, select the expired certificates. Also,
select the "Certificate type" drop down box to see if there is any expired ...

IBM developerWorks : New to Java programming

New to Java programming? This page provides an overview of Java technology
and explains its role in modern software development for desktop PCs, servers,
mobile devices, the web, and the cloud. Links to relevant developerWorks
content and IBM downloads and products give you a rich starting point for further

IBM TRIRIGA : Import a HTTPS certificate to Java program

Mar 24, 2015 ... The application server's security certificate needs to be imported to the local Java
install folder in order to login to URLs with https using IBM TRIRIGA CAD
Integrator/Publisher 12.0 or higher version. When a login is attempted to an
HTTPS URL without using a valid certificate, you may see the following in ... Certificate chaining erro

SSLHandshakeException: PKIX path building failed: java.
security.cert. CertPathBuilderException: PKIXCertPathBuilderImpl could not build
a valid CertPath.; internal cause is:
The certificate issued by CN=GeoTrust Primary Certification ...

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